mit Andreas und Zwen

01 The Drifters- you´re more than a number in my little red book

02 Jens Lekman- how we met, the long way

03 Rhythm Method- party politics

04 Kylie Auldist- changes

05 The McGuire Sisters- banana split

06 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentklemen- eine Cola muss es sein

07 Yvonne Elliman- hello stranger

08 Greenwood- summer sun

09 The Questions- a months of sundays

10 The Style Council- headstart for happiness

11 Skip Mahony- Janice

12 Stone foundation- the limit of a man

13 Percy Mayfield- loose lips

14 Magnus Carlson- mitt hjärta

15 The Mighty Marvelos- talking ´bout you, baby

16 Cloudberry Jam- my ever changing moods

mit Zwensson

01 David & The Citizens- one day, one day, one day

02 Eggstone- beach boy

03 Andreas Mattsson- sekunderna

04 Moneybrother- bombarded in Rio

05 Wannadies- love in june

06 Jens Lekman- wedding in Finistere

07 Bmx Bandits- space girl

08 Swimming Tapes- set the fire

09 The Bridge- break it

10 Tracie- same feelings without the emotions

11 Magnus Carlsson- den langa vägen hem

12 Ruby Winters- better

13 Kylie Auldist- still life

14 Barbara Pennington- I can´t erase the thoughts of you

15 The Inspirations- your wish ia my command

16 Donny Gerard- he´s always somewhere around

17 Rose Royce- is it love you´re after?

mit Puk und Plek

01 Steve Alaimo- every day I have to cry

02 Teenage Fanclub- the first sight

03 The Holiday Crowd- another nite

04 Swimming Tapes- souvenirs

05 Pictured Resort- now and on

06 Tender Leaf- oh, stop

07 The Jacksons- show you the way to go

08 Bottom & Company- gonna find a true love

09 Ralph Graham- what am I to do

10 Holland- Dozier- new bread kinda woman

11 Fred Hughes- can´t make it without you

12 Lighthouse- pretty lady

13 Mr. Day- tears of joy

14 Georgie Fame- we were always sweethearts

15 The Staple singers- (sittin´on the) dock of the bay

16 Magnus Carlson- jag hatar jag


mit cpt. zwen

01 Helen Shapiro- tell me what he said

02 The Radio Dept.- this thing was bound to happen

03 Ice Choir- unprepared

04 Sophie & Peter Johnston- brain def

05 Junior Senior- can I get get get

06 Friedrich Sunlight- Sommer Samstag Abend

07 Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- Die Kampfbahn im Sonnenschein

08 Watermelon Men- tonight

09 Orange Juice- lean period

10 Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- how long do I habe to wait for you?

11 Lady Wray- smiling

12 Myles Sanko- distant from you

13 Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet- from now on

14 The Third Degree- mercy

15 New Colours- why did we say goodbye

16 Spencer McGillicutty- wish I was your girl

16 Weeping Willows- merry christmas baby

mit Andreas & Zwen


01 Manfred Krug- Du bist heute wie neu

02 Start- Tag für Tag

03 Cool Jerks- Mädchen, Mädchen

04 Jack white- Regen, Regen, Regen

05 Marianne Mendt- a Glockn, die 24 stunden läut

06 Die antwort- unten am Hafen

07 Rocko schamoni & L´Orchestre Mirage- Rom

08 Friedel Hensch- mein Ideal

09 Superpunk- neue Zähne für meinen Bruder und mich

10 The Supremes- Jonny & Joe

11 Tex & Erobique- Doktor Dachlatte

12 Hildegard Knef- die Herren dieser Welt

13 Element of Crime- Kaffee & Karin

14 Stunde X- befreit Martin Semmelrogge

15 Bazooka Cain- Annahmeschluß

mit Andreas und Zwen


01 Chad & Jeremy- September in the rain

02 Chris Isaak- dancin

´03 Imperials- Georgie girl

04 Lovin Spoonful- you didn´t have to be so nice

05 Jay & The Americans- gipsy woman

06 Dodgy- you give drugs a bad name

07 The Shake Spears- summertime

08 Prefab Sprout- Tiffanys

09 Ronnie Limar- two wrongs

10 Divine Comedy- the pact

11 Brenda Jo Harris- love is like a hurricane

12 Weeping Willows- wait for love to grow

13 21st Creation- girls. let´s keep dancing close

14 The Peppermint Rainbow- will you be staying after sunday

15 Jan Smith- lonley town

16 Sing Street- girls

17 Ike & Tina Turner- I´m gonna do all I can (to do right by my man)

mit zwen

01 Prefab Sprout- cars & girls

02 The bridge- heavenly

03 Swimming Tapes- souvenirs

04 The School- my arms, they feel like nothing

05 ABC- the flames of desire

06 Protocol Afro- music (dance with me)

07 Pulp- babies

08 Sing Street- brown shoes

09 Close Lobster- now time

10 Weeping Willows- my love is not blind

11 Gaspard Royant- new religion

12 Eli Paperboy Reed- a few more days

13 Lynne Randell- stranger in my arms

14 The Steelers- get it from the bottom

15 Freddie Scott- powerful love

16 125th Street Candy Store- is it love