mit grossomat & zwenno

01 Vigil- gym 78

02 Bridge- hello horseface

03 Lloyd Cole- down at the mission

04 Great And Lady Soul- blue sky over proberty

05 The Newcolours- do you want to pray

06 Der Englische Garten- der Wind

07 Lucky Soul- white russian doll

08 The Embassy- it pays to belong

09 Honigritter- Johnny der Held

10 The Elwins- sittin´pretty

11 Rita Calypso- kinky love

12 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- newby street

13 Betty Swan- I want sunday back again

14 Bobby Boyd- why are you crying

15 Paul Anka- that´s what living´s about

16 Lukay Sherfey- soul vacation

mit Salto Knauf & Hechtsprung Keller


01 Hugh Masekela- grazing in the grass

02 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators- break free (shake a tail feather)

03 Ronny McNeir- you better come on down

04 100 Proof Aged In Soul- I´ve come to save you

05 The Skyliners- the loser

06 Cynthia Sheeler- one minute of your time

07 Lucky Soul- up in flames

08 Paul Craver- pyramid

09 Baby Washington- care free

10 Jimmy Holiday- I can´t stand it

11 Fred Hughes- I can´t stand it

12 The Escorts- I´m so glad I found you

13 The Sheets- Peter Pan

14 Belle Ghoule- (out of) the neighbourhood

15 Peacebird- slow down

16 Paul Craver- hey girl

17 The Catalines- dancin´romancin´

18 Cooking On Three Burners- this girl

19 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann- it´s too late

20 Joe Bataan- under the street lamp

mit Anderas & Zwen

01 Street Corner Symphony- we got a good thing going

02 Fred Hughes- San Francisco is a lonley town

03 Babyman- babypeople

04 Wee- I luv you

05 Raphael Saadiq- Detroit girl

06 Lloyd Cole- kids today

07 Sophia Kennedy- angel lagoon

08 Kakkmaddafakka- someone new

09 Belle Ghoul- saturday knife fight

10 The Elwins- sittin´pretty

11 Trambeat- too god for you

12 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- Newby street

13 J.C. Cameron- the joy you bring

14 R.B. Hudmon- cause you`re mine now

15 Bo Thorpe Band- Ms. Grace

mit atzy, eddy, conny, welly & zwenny

01 Edwyn Collins- too bad (that´s sad)

02 Making Marks- hard to be good

03 The Cosines- hey sailor boy!

04 Vic Godard & Subway Sect- caught in midstream

05 Stephen Bishop- save it for a rainy day

06 Brown Sugar- hello stranger

07 James Gadson- got to find my baby

08 Gene & Jerry- you just can´t win ( by making the same mistakes)

09 Sam Butler- can´t get over you

10 Gene Chandler- it´s time to settle down

11 Trambeat- too good for you

12 Myron & E- cold case

13 Arthur Alexander- concrete jungle

14 Heff Hershey & The Heartbeats- good times

15 Darondo- didn´t I

16 Elwins- stuck in the middle

mit Capitano Zwen


01 Jim Conwell- cigarette ashes

02 Dodgy- do I love you (indeed I do)

03 Tahiti 80- heartbeat

04 Vic Godard & The Subway Sect- caught in a midstream

05 Cosines- hey sailor boy

06 Edwyn Collins- too bad (that´s sad)

07 Eggstone- cornflake crown

08 Superheroes- someone else

09 The Frank & Walters- indie love song

10 Shout Out Louds- chasing the sinking sun

11 The Movement- a little rain

12 Jo Boxers- just got lucky

13 The O´Kaysions- the soul clap

14 Joe Simon- long hot summer

15 Lou Roberts- she´s not momma´s little girl anymore

16 Clarence Reid- masterpiece (Kenny Dope edit)

17 Al Supersonic & The Teenagers- the loser

18 The Young Hearts- a little togetherness

mit atze, eddy und zwen


01 Manfred Krug- Sonntag

02 Virginia Vee- I´ll never leave without you

03 Jackie Wilson- it only happens ( when I look at you)

04 Dr, Robert- a simpler place and time

05 Al Supersonic & The Teenagers- I´ll always be there

06 The Voice Masters- you´ve hurt me baby

07 Joe Bataan- latin soul dance

08 Otis Redding- sittin´at the docks of the bay

09 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators- best days of our lives

10 Tony Drake- let´s play house

11 Charles Bradley- you put the flame on it

12 The Yellow Balloon- yellow balloon

13 The Peppermint Rainbow- will you be staying after sunday

14 Sandy Wynns- love belongs to everyone

15 Magnus Carlson & The Moon Ray Quintet- from now on

16 The Moovers- one little dance

17 The 5th Dimension- workin´on a groovy thing

18 Mr. Day- tears of joy

mit andreas und zwen


01 The Frank & Walters- indie love song

02 The Heartbreaks- hand on heart

03 Shout Out Louds- walking in your footsteps

04 Erobique- thriller

05 C. Brand- I can see the rain coming

06 Johnny Bristol- I sho groovin´ with ya

07 Edwyn Collins- too bad (that´s sad)

08 Atomic Swing- like a John needs a Yoko

09 The Wolfhounds- cheer up

10 The blow Monkeys- feels like a new morning

11 C. Brand- (shake your) a-s-s-e-t-s

12 The Fabulous Peps- with these eyes

13 Wake The President- Elaine

14 Bazooka Cain- Frühling im Herbst