mit Mono- Joe & Stereo- Willi

1.) Peter Nero- soulful strut

2.) Trambeat- almost you

3.) New Street Adventure- be somebody

4.) Reflections- three steps from true love

5.) Phyllis Hayman- deliever the love

6.) Gary Toms Empire- love me right

7.) James Walsh Gipsy Band- ´cuz it´s you girl

8.) Samuel D. Sands- make u mine

9.) Lamont Dozier- we don´t want nobody to come between us

10.) Touch Of Glass- you got to know better

11.) Smokey Robinson & The Miracles- oh baby baby I love you

12.) Soulful Illusion- to get your love

13.) Mover- move over

14.) Trambeat- the photograph of you

mit hose

01 Eggstone- good morning

02 The Brights- London belongs to me

03 Orange Juice- Satellite City

04 Friends- you´ll never see that summertime again

05 Sneaky Feelings- coming true

06 Belle & Sebastian- perfect couples

07 Biff Bang Pow- there you go again

08 Brideshead- the lonliest boy in the world

09 Five Guys Named Moe- if I were a man

10 George Ezra- Budapest

11 Jonathan Jeremiah- lost

12 Lovin Spoonful- do you believe in magic

13 The Newell Octet- baby, I´m yours

14 Helen Shapiro- tell me what he said

15 The LOvelites- you better stop it

16 Joe Bataan- cowboys to girls

17 The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker- get up on living

18 Bobby Boyd- why are you crying

mit Zwen und Atze


1. T.S.U. Tornadoes - a thousand wonders

2. The Impressions - you always hurt me

3. Al Supersonis & The Teenagers - I'll always be here

4. Carla Thomas - pick up the peaces

5. Edwyn Collins - two steps back

6. Tyrone Davis - love you forever

7. Al. Wilson - keep on loving you

8. The Dells - your song

9. Mighty Mighty - Maisonette

10. Close Lobsters - never seen before

11. Style Council - my ever changing moods

12. Johnny Guitar Watson - I don't want to be a lone ranger

13. The Five Stairsteps - playgirl's love

14. David Ruffin - walk away from love

15. Men of North Country - mirror man

16. Vic + John - what did she lie

17. Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggea


mit dem Weihnachtesmann und dem Nikolaus

01 Collins & Collins- top of the stairs

02 Edwyn Collins- running away with myself

03 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose- let´s stay together

04 Weeping Willows- (we´re in) different places

05 Luther Vandross- never too much

06 Denice Williams- cause you leave me, baby

07 Lifestyle- Katrina

08 Richard Hawley- born under a bad sign

09 Wendel Watts- you girl

10 Ruby Winters- better

11 Rocky Gil & The Bishops- soulparty

12 Gil Scott Heron- Lady Day & John Coltrane

13 New Street Adventure- she´s an attraction

14 Horace Williams- I´m going christmas shopping

15 Edwyn Collins- it takes a little time

mit mc zwen

01 Style Council- luck

02 Cloudberry Jam- time to move on

03 Edwyn Collins- if you could love me

04 Stone Foundation- no more the fool

05 The Magic Numbers- thought I wasn´t ready

06 Jonathan Jeremiah- heart of stone

07 Hipsway- ask the lord

08 The Blow Monkes- walking the blue beat

09 The The- uncertain smile

10 Brideshead- the mermaid

11 Hideki Kaji- smile & tea

12 Vic Godard & The Subway Sect- born to be a rebel

13 Divine Dennis- waiting for the rain

14 Richard Hawley- tonight the streets are ours

15 Freewheel- sweet swedish winters

mit zwen

01 Swan Dive- groovy tuesday

02 The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart- masokissed

03 Ivy- I get the message

04 Tahiti 80- crush!

05 Miniature Tigers- swimming pool blues

06 Paul Heaton & Jacquin Abbott- moulding of a fool

07 Swinging Popsicle- I love your smile

08 Morrissey- kiss me a lot

09 H. M. Hammarin- it began again

10 Lucky Soul- that´s when trouble begins

11 Tuomo- don´t take it too hard

12 The Weeping Willows- the world is far away

13 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell- ain´t no mountain high enough

14 Archie Bell & The Drells- a thousand wonders

15 The Pepper Pots- you´ve got the future

16 Lee Fields- standing by your side

17 Oddissey And Oracle- sing our song

18 The Impressions- sooner or later

19 Wilson Pickett- groovin´

20 Georgie Fame- we were always sweethearts

mit Atze Knauf & Olaf Grossigk


01. Sugar Hill Gang - the lover in you

02. Vic Godard - ice on the vulcano

03. News Flash - times are tight

04. Barbara Lewis - I remember the feeling

05. Boogie Box High - gave it all away

06. The Naturals - crystal blue persuasion

07. Love Company - love tempo

08. Gary Toms Empire - love me right

09. A.M. Hammarin - it began again

10. Joe Stance - this girl

11. Betty Swan - I want Sunday back again

12. SouLutions - listen (Drizabone Radio Mix)

13. Hit Parade - Hello Hanna, Hello

14. Bobby Womack - never let nothing get the best of you

15. Saint Pepsie - Fiona Coyne