Order for today: 80s Soul


01 Brotherly Love - whole lotta you in me (instrumental)

02 Serenade - maybe this time

03 Nina Simone - touching and caring

04 Yarbrough & Peoples - I believe I'm falling in love

05 C-Brand - A.S.S.E.T.S

06 Maxx Traxx - let's have a party

07 Michael Wycoff - still got the magic (sweet delight)

08 Lilo Thomas - let me be yours

09 Temptations - aiming at your heart

10 McIver - trying to be true

11 Donald Albert - the hardest part

12 Sam Butler - can't get over

13 The Jones Girls - you can't have my love

14 O.C. Smith - I betcha

15 Frank and Jamens - how long os forever

mit hoseandreas & händezwen

01 Napoleon- I try to dispite the ugly people (but the beautiful ones keep me down)

02 Spencer McGillicutty- wish I was your girl

03 Peacebird- anything for you

04 Touch Of Glass- you got to know better

05 Nona Reeves- bad girl

06 Niteflyte- if you want it

07 Millie Jackson- you can´t stand the thought of another man loving me

08 Nate Evans- this time with feeling

09 Al Supersonic & The Teenagers- we ´re not too young

10 Soulful Illusion- to get your love

11 The Pepper Pots- you´ve got the future

12 The Pasadenas- tribute (right on) (q street mix)

13 Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings- people don´t get what they deserve

14 The O´Jays- I´m so glad I found you

15 Helen Shapiro- tell me what he said

mit andreas & zwen

01 The Ovations- don´t break your promise

02 Franky Beverly & The Butlers- because of my heart

03 The Four Chops- true lovers

04 Doni Burdick- I have faith in you

05 Johnny Rivers- can I change my mind

06 The Unifics- court of love

07 Denise Lasalle- fool me good

08 The Dynamites feat. Charles Walker- get up on living

09 Lady- get ready

10 Ujima- I´m not ready

11 Greg Perry- it takes heart

12 Stephanie Mills- watcha gonna do with my lovin

13 Donny Albert- the hardest part

14 The Concentrations- my word of honour

15 Nina Simone- touching and caring

16 Venicia Wilson- standing on the sidelines

17 Laura Lee- (don´t be sorry) be careful if you can´t be good

18 Rita & The Tiaras- gone with the wind is my love

mit zwenenenen


01 Elvis Presley- king creole

02 Peacebird- slow down

03 Aztec Camera- walk out to winter

04 The Candidates- wednesday child

05 The Housemartins- bow down

06 Their Herats Were Full Of Spring- as long as the sun shines

07 Lucky Soul- that´s where trouble begins

08 Billy Bragg- never buy the sun

09 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- newby street

10 Lukas Sherfey- broken hearts

11 New Street Adventure- lucky lady

12 Detroit Soul- all of my life

13 Friends Of Distinction- I never found a girl (to love me like you do)

14 Rita & The Tiaras- gone with the wind is my love

15 Five Stairsteps- playgirl´s love

16 The Majestics- (I love her so much) it hurts me

17 Charles Walker & The Dynamites- still can´t get you out of my heart

18 Charmaine Burnette- (am I the) same girl

mit grossomat & zwenno

01 Vigil- gym 78

02 Bridge- hello horseface

03 Lloyd Cole- down at the mission

04 Great And Lady Soul- blue sky over proberty

05 The Newcolours- do you want to pray

06 Der Englische Garten- der Wind

07 Lucky Soul- white russian doll

08 The Embassy- it pays to belong

09 Honigritter- Johnny der Held

10 The Elwins- sittin´pretty

11 Rita Calypso- kinky love

12 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- newby street

13 Betty Swan- I want sunday back again

14 Bobby Boyd- why are you crying

15 Paul Anka- that´s what living´s about

16 Lukay Sherfey- soul vacation

mit Salto Knauf & Hechtsprung Keller


01 Hugh Masekela- grazing in the grass

02 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators- break free (shake a tail feather)

03 Ronny McNeir- you better come on down

04 100 Proof Aged In Soul- I´ve come to save you

05 The Skyliners- the loser

06 Cynthia Sheeler- one minute of your time

07 Lucky Soul- up in flames

08 Paul Craver- pyramid

09 Baby Washington- care free

10 Jimmy Holiday- I can´t stand it

11 Fred Hughes- I can´t stand it

12 The Escorts- I´m so glad I found you

13 The Sheets- Peter Pan

14 Belle Ghoule- (out of) the neighbourhood

15 Peacebird- slow down

16 Paul Craver- hey girl

17 The Catalines- dancin´romancin´

18 Cooking On Three Burners- this girl

19 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann- it´s too late

20 Joe Bataan- under the street lamp

mit Anderas & Zwen

01 Street Corner Symphony- we got a good thing going

02 Fred Hughes- San Francisco is a lonley town

03 Babyman- babypeople

04 Wee- I luv you

05 Raphael Saadiq- Detroit girl

06 Lloyd Cole- kids today

07 Sophia Kennedy- angel lagoon

08 Kakkmaddafakka- someone new

09 Belle Ghoul- saturday knife fight

10 The Elwins- sittin´pretty

11 Trambeat- too god for you

12 Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band- Newby street

13 J.C. Cameron- the joy you bring

14 R.B. Hudmon- cause you`re mine now

15 Bo Thorpe Band- Ms. Grace