Playlists vom 25.12. und 27.11.2011 mit A. u. A. Wörner


Franz Josef Degenhardt (verst. 14.11.11)

- Das Testament

- In den guten alten Zeiten


- I might

- Dawned on me

A.A. Bondy

- Surfer King

- Hiway/ Fevers

Alison Krauss & Union Station

- Lie awake

- My love follows you whereever you go

The Miserable Rich

- Laid up in lavender

- Honesty

- Ringing the changes

Nik Freitas

- Saturday Night underwater

- The light

- Middle

Real Estate

- It´s real

- Out of tune

Noel Gallagher:

- The death of you and me

- What a life

Paley & Francis

- Ugly life

- Deconstructed

Wild Flag

- Romance

- Future crimes

Mediengruppe Telekommander

- Billig

- Wer bist Du?

Chilly Gonzales

- Supervillian music

- Party in my mind



Tom Waits

- Everybody is talking at the same time

- Face to the highway

Ludwig Hirsch

- I lieg am Ruckn

Niels Frevert

- Blinken am Horizont

- Ich würde Dir helfen eine Leiche zu verscharren, wenn´s nicht meine ist

- Schlangenlinien

- Ein Quadratmeter Regenwald

Ryan Adams

- Dirty rain

- Do I wait

- Save me

Bonnie Prince Billy

- Time to be clear

- Quail and dumplings


- Hungur

- Aldan reyd

Ja, Panik

- The horror

- Barbarie

Peter Licht

- Begrabt mein iPhone an der Biegung des Flusses

- Das Ende der Beschwerde/ Du musst Dein Leben ändern

The Bevis Frond

- Johnny Kwango

- Reanimation


- Bodenlos

- Karneval

- Autoimmun

Ludwig Hirsch

- Spuck den Schnuller aus


Konzert-Tipp: Fehlfarben am 26.12.2011 im Bett





Playlist vom 30.10.2011

alljährliches Halloween-Special mit Alexander Schuth (DJ Vollkasko)
und diesmal mit Verstärkung der Co-Rotoren Andreas & Angela Wörner
+ gruseliger Soundmaschine

1. Intro:Choptop
2. DBA- History Of Halloween
3. Lou Reed- Halloween Parade
4. Elf Princess Gets A Harley- Best Idea
5. The Love Lights- 69 Costume Ideas
6. Scrand- Without Halloween
7. Evangelicals- Halloween Song
8. Movie Trailer: Dr. Jeckyl & Sister Hyde
9. The Duponts- Screamin´Ball (At Dracula Hall)
10. Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers- Monster Mash
11. Daytime Lights- Cat Castle
12. Bone Dogg Mc Rapperson- Halloween Sucks
13. Round Robin- I´m The Wolfman
14. The Jayhawks- The Creature (From Outer Space)
15. The Seizures- Wolf Woman
16. Cheekyboy- Bad Moon Werewolves
17. Tracy Jordan- Werewolf Bar Mitzvah
18. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau- Erlkönig
19. The Philharmonica Chorus-Und Als Der Mond Dort Leuchtete
20. Kante- Die Alten Gespenster
21. Archie Bleyer Orchestra- The Rockin´Ghost
22. The Creatures- Mostly Ghostly
23. Movie Trailer: Ghost In The Invisible Bikini
24. Voicedude- Ghostbusters N Stuff
25. Handsome Family- My Ghost
26. Bonnie Prince Billy- Am I Demon
27. Allan Sherman- My Son The Vampire
28. Deadbolt- Billy Dead
29. Altered Images- Dead Pop Stars
30. Joy Division- Dead Souls
31. A Flock Of Seagulls- Nightmares
32. Bright Eyes- Devil Town (Cover Daniel Johnston)
33. Bo Diddley- Bo Meets The Monster

Playlist vom 25.09.2011

mit Andreas Wörner und ohne seine bessere Hälfte

The Middle East
- Jesus Came To My Birthday Party
- Dan´s Silverleaf
- Hunger Song

- If I Wanted Someone
- Fire Away

The Jayhawks
- Tiny Arrows
- Mockingbird Time
- Guilder Annie
- Blackeyed Susan

Gillian Welch
- Dark Turn Of Mind
- The Way It Goes
- Down Along The Dixie Line

...that´s the way that it goes: everybody´s buying little baby clothes...

Mickey Newbury
- How Many Times (Must The Piper Be Paid For His Song)
- Frisco Depot
- If You Want Me To I´ll Go
- You´re Not My Same Sweet Baby
- Sunshine

Bonnie "Prince" Billy
- Black Ice Cream
- Elesu/Makai No

Derek Web - In The Devils Territory

Joshua James - To Be Alone With You

DM Stith- A Good Man is Hard To Find

Fleet Foxes
- Sim Sala Bim
- Battery Kinzie

"Swinging Singles Vegas-Style"

Playlist superstar rotation, 24. Juli 2011
DJ Vollkasko

"You know the rules: A stack of singles, two dice, a broadcasting studio. The high dice picks the record, counting from the top, and the low dice picks odd or even sides. But who am I telling this, you wouldn't be in Vegas if you didn't know gamblin'!"

DJ Vollkasko und Miss Briana lassen dem Zufall seinen Lauf und sich überraschen, welche Musikauswahl da aus dem Würfelbecher zusammen geschüttelt wird.

Andre Williams: Prove it to me (2006)
Anus Presley: Chicago (2002)
Montesas: Sie ist so wunderschön (2004)
Kyu Sakamoto: Anoko-No (1961)
Demented are go: Sickness in Truth (2007)
Working Week feat Julie Tippetts: Storm of Light (1984)
The Hard Feelings: Leaving Me ALone (Cover Nathaniel Mayer, 2001)
Fellow Travellers: It's over (Cover Daniel Johnston, 1993)
Duran Duran: Make me Smile (Come up and see me) (Cover Steve Harley, 1984)
Sheila B. Devotion: Love me Baby (1977)
Bobby Conn: Government (Super Maxi Mix, 2010)
Inner City Jam Band: Hurt (1977)
Bernadette La Hengst: Ein Mädchen namens Gerd (2001)
Grant W. McLennan:She's so Strange (1991)
Men without Hats: Security (1982)
Julien Clerc: Coeur de Rocker (1982)
Low 500: Alice/Disco Life (2003)
Conny Froboess mit den Boys und den Girls--Schicke, schicke, Schuh (1958)
Alan Nöl:Tout l'monde cherche à s'débiner (1983)
Jesus Jones: Bring it on down (1989)
The White Stripes: Shelter of Your Arms (2005)
Anita: (I think) I'm in love with Travolta (1979)
Die Aeronauten: Frauen/Sensibel (2006)
Bob Log III: Daddy Log's Drive-In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes (1998)
Copy Cats: Slip Away (Cover Clarence Carter, 1998)
Lady Gaga: Telephone (Passion Pit Remix, 2010)
Beach Boys: Cabin Essence (Smile-Sessions, 1966)
Stereo Total: Holiday Inn (Aaviko-Remix, 1998)
Jeffrey Lewis: Spirit of Love (2002)

Playlist vom 26.06.2011

von & mit Andreas Wörner

Bonnie Prince Billy & The Cairo Gang
-Island Brothers
-New Wonder

Matt Sweeney & Bonnie Prince Billy
-Must Be Blind
-Life In Muscle

Bonnie Prince Billy
-There Is No God
-God Is Love
-Because Of Your Eyes
-I´ll See You Again

Bonnie Prince Billy& The Phantom Family Halo
-The Mindeater
-I Wonder If I Care As Much

Bonnie Prince Billy
-Bertrand My Son

Trembling Bells & Bonnie Prince Billy
-New Years Eve´s The Loneliest Night Of the Year

Trembling Bells
-Just As The Rainbow
-Colour Of  Night
-Otley Rock Oracle
-To See You Again

Blitz The Ambassador
-Best I Can
-Accra City Blues

-Shakin My Brain
-Internet Ged

What's spinnin'?

Playlist superstar rotation, 19. Juni 2011
DJ Vollkasko

Eine eklektische Mischung von Krams, der sich in den letzten Wochen auf meinem Plattenspieler gedreht oder mir sonst einen Ohrwurm verpasst hat. Hervorragende Leistungen internationaler Musikschaffender aus den Jahren 1959-2011.


Intro So Adult
Which Side Are You On? Billy Bragg
Street Fighting Man [Cover The Rolling Stones] Walter Lure & The Ramones
The Beginning of the End The Twilight Singers
I Got A Woman [Cover Ray Charles] Jimmy Smith
We Won't So Adult
Killers Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
Grey Streets Felt
I Love You Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers
DNA The Kills
To Live Is To Fly Kasey Anderson
Comeback-Kid Deano Waco
Sophisticated Boom Boom Kid Congo Powers with KnoXVIlle Girls
Airwaves Kraftwerk
Baby Let’s Twist (Live) The Dictators
Rich Kids The Welcome Committee
I Don't Care TV Girl
Natural Light Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
National Shite Day Half Man Half Biscuit
Bird Dance Beat The Trashmen
Birds The Submarines
The Voice Of Energy Kraftwerk
Summer's Kiss [Live] Greg Dulli
Coyote The Lonely Forest
Claws Off Margot & The Nuclear So and So's
Forty Dollars [Live] Greg Dulli
Max’s Kansas City Jayne County Meets The She Wolves
The Way I Swing So Adult
The Sweetest Sound Redondo Beat
Waves The Twilight Singers
The Pendulum The Ettes
Virginia Avenue [Cover Tom Waits] Kid Congo Powers with KnoXVIlle Girls
Give Him a Great Big Kiss The Shangri-Las
America Andre Williams
Can't Win The Sundelles
Weird Menomena

Playlist vom 22.05.2011
mit Angela und Andreas Wörner

Iron And Wine:
Walking Far From Home
Godless Brother In Love
Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me

Anna Depenbusch:
Tim Liebt Tina
Glücklich In Berlin
Kommando Untergang

Wild Beasts:
Lion´s Share
Loop The Loop

The Low Anthem:
Boing 737
Apothecary Love

Time´s Ticking
Without A Doubt

Wye Oak:
Holy, Holy

The Twilight Singers:
Be Invited
Get Lucky
On The Corner

The Leisure Society:
Into The Murky Water
Dust On The Dancefloor
Allthough We All Are Lost

The Kills:
Future Starts Slow
Heart Is A Beating Drum

The Vaccines:
A Lack Of Understanding
Post Break Up Sex
Wolf Pack

& unser Konzert-Tipp für Juni: 21.06.2011, Brotfabrik:
Christiane Rösinger