mit zwen


01 Bad Waether Inc.- I never never knew

02 Gene Woodbury- ever again

03 Darron Robinson- bring on the sound (of truth and kindness)

04 Argyle- down town

05 Gota Nishidera- body moves

06 The Beautiful South- girlfriend

07 Foreign Correspondent- crying in your sportscar

08 Carsten & Carsten- Ich mag Leute

09 Elvis Presley- I got lucky

10 Jo Boxers- is this really the first time

11 Millicent "Patsy" Todd- give me a chance

12 Justin HInes & The Dominoes- lion of judah

13 Righteous Flames- young love

14 Johnny Osbourne & Sensations- the power and the glory

15 Alton Ellis- what does it take

16 Nick Corbin- can´t say goodbye

17 Stone Foundation- last act of love

mit Zwen

01 The Soulboy Collective- casino action

02 Even As We Speak- forgiving

03 Jennie Medin- the world through my eyes

04 The Friday Club- hangover square

05 Tahiti 80- down town

06 Sloppy Joe- with kisses four

07 Pictured Resort- time in amber

08 Gota Nishidera- heavy day

09 Monks Road Social feat. Belle McNulty- on the wings of the morning

10 Paul Weller- on sunset

11 James Hunter Six- I can change your mind

12 Dana Valery- you babe

13 Willie Hutch- love runs out

14 Razzy & The Neigborhood Kids- I hate hate

15 Monophonics- changes

16 Bettye Swann- I want sunday back again

mit Atze

01 Bohannon – Turn the record

02 Ronn Matlock – Feeling Something

03 Latimore – Too hot to handle

04 West Street Mob – Never alone

05 The Jacksons – That’s what you get

06 Breakwater – No limit

07 Weapons of Peace – This life

08 Street Corner Symphony – No game to play

09 Carl Carlton – You can’t Stop a man in love

10 Womack & Womack – Catch and don’t look back

11 Rainbow Brown – it ain’t no big thing

12 Larua Nyro – Jimmy Mack

13 Barbara Lewis - Thankful

14 Jason Joshua & The Beholders – hurt so bad

15 The Exits – Under the street lamp

16 Ben E King – River of tears

mit Andreas, Eddy und Zwen


01 Mass Production- strollin´

02 Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott- a good day is hard to find

03 Michael Nau- shadow on

04 Turntable Films- ghost dance

05 Golden Boys- pra esquecer a vida

06 Mogsan feat. Kayo Noro- sayonara summer

07 Doug Parkinson & The Southern Star Band- I´ll be around

08 Gorillaz- humility

09 Dwight Tompson- man oh man (you´ve got the world in your hands)

10 Mary Mundy- you put a hurtin´on me

11 Carlton Jumel Smith- this is what love looks like

12 Buck- it´s going to be alright

13 The Bandulus- the times we had

14 The Temptest- someday

15 Maxine Brown- oh no, not my baby


mit Zwen


01 Close Lobsters- all compasses go wild

02 Distant Days- september

03 The Word- school boy saint

04 The Questions- the vital spark

05 The Newcolours- one day you pay

06 Marcia Griffiths- band of gold

07 The Soul Chance- Mr. Stranger

08 Go Jimmy Go- ´til you get there

09 The Bandulus- she´s fire

10 Stone Foundation- ordinary Joe

11 The Jay Vons- changing seasons

12 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators- one in a million

13 Maxine Brown- let me give me your lovin

14 The Young Divines- ain´t that sharp

15 Vanessa Haynes. reap what you sow

16 Jason Lee- good morning, sweet lady

mit Andreas und Zwen


01 Blood, Sweat & Tears- redemption

02 The Steady 45- get her back

03 Michael Nau- no qiut

04 The Delegators- I didn´t mean to break your heart

05 Ice- reality

06 Jay & The Techinques- don´t let it go to your head

07 Durand Jones & The Indications- don´t you know

08 Phoeniy City All Stars- Jackie Wilson said

09 Barry Mann- footsteps

10 Kelly Finnigan- impressions of you

11 Darrow Fletcher- what good am I without you

12 Magnus Carlson- tag vare dig

13 Pattersson Twins- gonna find true love

14 Ernest Earnie & The Sincerities- do something

15 Strivers Show Band- love episode

mit Zwen

01 Weeping Willows- snow (like the snow)

02 Jack Penate- prayer

03 Queue Dance- fringe of the affair

04 The Goon Sax- make time 4 love

05 Billy Bragg- accident waiting to happen

06 Edwyn Collins- Glasgow to London

07 Robert Forster- life has turned a page

08 Death Of Guitar Pop- stay golden

09 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros- get down Moses

10 The Specials- vote for me

11 Pama International- it´s too late

12 Lou Roberts- everything you always wanted to know about love

13 Charles Walker & The Dynamites- get up on living

14 The Inspirations- your wish is my command