mit Zwen


01 Close Lobsters- all compasses go wild

02 Distant Days- september

03 The Word- school boy saint

04 The Questions- the vital spark

05 The Newcolours- one day you pay

06 Marcia Griffiths- band of gold

07 The Soul Chance- Mr. Stranger

08 Go Jimmy Go- ´til you get there

09 The Bandulus- she´s fire

10 Stone Foundation- ordinary Joe

11 The Jay Vons- changing seasons

12 Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators- one in a million

13 Maxine Brown- let me give me your lovin

14 The Young Divines- ain´t that sharp

15 Vanessa Haynes. reap what you sow

16 Jason Lee- good morning, sweet lady

mit Andreas und Zwen


01 Blood, Sweat & Tears- redemption

02 The Steady 45- get her back

03 Michael Nau- no qiut

04 The Delegators- I didn´t mean to break your heart

05 Ice- reality

06 Jay & The Techinques- don´t let it go to your head

07 Durand Jones & The Indications- don´t you know

08 Phoeniy City All Stars- Jackie Wilson said

09 Barry Mann- footsteps

10 Kelly Finnigan- impressions of you

11 Darrow Fletcher- what good am I without you

12 Magnus Carlson- tag vare dig

13 Pattersson Twins- gonna find true love

14 Ernest Earnie & The Sincerities- do something

15 Strivers Show Band- love episode

mit Zwen

01 Weeping Willows- snow (like the snow)

02 Jack Penate- prayer

03 Queue Dance- fringe of the affair

04 The Goon Sax- make time 4 love

05 Billy Bragg- accident waiting to happen

06 Edwyn Collins- Glasgow to London

07 Robert Forster- life has turned a page

08 Death Of Guitar Pop- stay golden

09 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros- get down Moses

10 The Specials- vote for me

11 Pama International- it´s too late

12 Lou Roberts- everything you always wanted to know about love

13 Charles Walker & The Dynamites- get up on living

14 The Inspirations- your wish is my command

mit Zwen

01 Cass Eliott- make your own kind of music

02 Bobby Paris- let me show you the way

03 Beverly Bremers- get smart, girl

04 Mark LIndsay- we´ve only just begun

05 Lighthouse- pretty lady

06 Rocko Schamoni- auf dem Weg hinab

07 Freidrich Sunlight- wenn du mich suchst

08 Yvon Im Kreis Der Liebe- Nikotina Turner

09 Jonathan Jeremiah- good day

10 Monks Road Social feat. Dr. Robert & The Superimposers- make it all better

11 Death Of Guitar Pop- stay golden

12 Melbourne Ska Orchestra- learn to love again

13 Phoenix City All Stars- under my thumb

14 Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks- dilemma

15 Earbest Ernie & The Sincerities- when

16 The Scooters- hang on in there. baby

mit Zwen


01 Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers- egyptian reggae

02 Eggstone- the late

03 Tahiti 80- made first (never forget)

04 The Pale- Krakatoa

05 My LIfe Story- taking on the world

06 Mighty Mighty- where would I be

07 Pictured Resort- play it by ear

08 Nona Reeves- saturday lover

09 Friedrich Sunlight- sag es erst morgen

10 Die Liga Der Gewöhnlichen Gentlemen- ein Leben in rot mit purpurnen  Blitzen

11 Bazooka Cain- Frühling im Herbst

12 Nick Corbin- never did look like love

13 Monks Road Social feat. Hague & White- if it was all down to me

14 Earnest Ernie & The Sincerities- do something

15 Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose- too late to turn back now

16 That Driving Beat- my weakness is you

mit Andreas und Zwen


01 Louis Phillipe & Dean Broderick- I just wasn´t made for these times

02 Edwyn Collins- in the morning

03 Georgie Fame- we were always sweethearts

04 Weeping Willows- I travel with you

05 Princibles Of Joy- be what you are

06 Ben Pirani- that´s what you mean to me

07 The Young Devines- ain´t that sharp

08 The Scooters- I wonder if

09 The Whispers- Dr. Love

10 Ellie- so I

11 The Subs- party clothes

12 The Sha La La´s- before I let you down again

13 Steve Karmen Big Band & Jimmy Radcliff- breakaway

14 Donny gerard- he´s always somewhere around

15 Peter Scott Peters- fallout shelter

16 Alice Clark- don´t you care

mit zwen


01 Pen Friend Club- don´t take your time

02 Hideki Kaji- my fav city

03 Nomiya Maki- the night is still young

04 Ellie- super star

05 Swinging Popsicle- small blue sailboat

06 The Teeth- farmer´s land

07 Nona Reeves feat. Rhymester- rolling stone

08 Cubismo Grafico Five feat- Eddie Reader- sweet blindness

09 The Scooters- kanashi uwasa

10 Inokasira Rangers- Autobahn

11 Roy Ellis- you´ll never find another love like mine

12 Alice Clark- never did I stop losing you

13 Shirley Davis & The Silverbacks- black rose

14 Ben Pirani- light of my life

15 The Bamboos- golden ticket