mit den Kommentatoren Gisela u. Thomas
u. mit Reiner Bös

Michael Chapman- Train Song Album (Tompkins Square 2011)
Sir Richard Bishop- Polytheistic fragments (Drag City 2007)

01. PALEO- pharaoh
02. PALEO- lighthouse
03. PALEO- favourite places
alle v.A. "Spirit of the fruit" (Devil Duck 2012)
04. ORPH- mistake
05. ORPH- poems for Kui
beide v.A. "Poems for Kui" (Devil Duck 2012)

06. OREN AMBARCHI- fractured mirror
beide v.A. "Audience of one" (Touch 2012)
08. DICTAPHONE- the conversation
09. DICTAPHONE- a bout de souffle
beide v.A. "Poems from a rooftop" (Sonic Pieces 2012)
beide v.A. "Soft wounds" (Rusted Rail 2012)

12. ALEXANDER TUCKER- sitting in a bardo pond
v.A. "Third mouth" (Thrill Jockey 2012)
13. LUKE ROBERTS- i don´t want you anymore
14. LUKE ROBERTS- his song
beide v.A. "The iron gates of throop and newport" (Thrill Jockey 2012)
15. M.WARD- watch the show
v.A. "A wasteland companion" (Merge 2012)

16. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- canned goods and firearms***
v.A. "Polytheistic fragments" (Drag City 2007)
17. EDDIE CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING- you let me be honest with you
beide v.A. "So many things" (Goner 2011)
19. TOTAL CONTROL- see more glass
v.A. "Henge beat" (Iron Lung 2011)
20. THE MELVINS- the war of wisdom
v.EP "The bulls and the bees" (Scion A/V presents...)

***live am 05.05.12, Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt
mit Reiner Bös u.
den Gästen Martin, Thomas u. Joe

Unterlegmusik: The Boats- Ballads of the research department (12k 2012)

01. PETER BRODERICK- i am piano
02. PETER BRODERICK- a tribute to our letter writing days
beide v.A. "" (Bella Union 2012)
03. ORCAS- pallor cedes
v.A. "s/t" (Morr 2012)
04. JULIA HOLTER- marienbad
v.A. "Ekstasis" (Rvng Intl. 2012)
05. PETRELS- after Francis Danby
v.A. "Haeligewielle" (Denovali 2012)

06. GARETH DICKSON- adrenalin
07. GARETH DICKSON- this is the kiss
beide v.A. "Quite a way away" (12k 2012)
08. GEOFF FARINA- hammer and spade
09. GEOFF FARINA- scotch snaps
beide v.A. "The wishes of the dead" (Damnably 2012)
10. LEE RANALDO- off the wall
v.A. "Between the times and the tides" (Matador 2012)

11. CHROME CRANKS- lover of the bayou
v.A. "Ain´t no lies in blood" (Bang! 2012)
12. THE MEN- open your heart
13. THE MEN- presence
beide v.A. "Open your heart" (Sacred Bones 2012)
14. SPIRITUALIZED- heading for the top now
v. A. "Sweet heart sweet light" (Domino 2012)

15. SLEEPY SUN- stivey pond
v.A. "Spine hits" (ATP 2012)
16. ALEXANDER TUCKER- a dried seahorse
v.A. "Third mouth" (Thrill Jockey 2012)
17. BLACK DICE- the jacker
v.A. "Mr. Impossible" (Ribbon Music 2012)

Musikauswahl und Moderation: Timo R. u. Reiner Bös


01. ERIK FRIEDLANDER- low country copula

v.A. "Bonebridge" (Skipstone Records 2011)

02. OLAFUR ARNALDS - new light

v.A. "Living Room Songs" (Erased Tapes 2011)

03. THE AMERICAN DOLLAR- the slow weight Part 1+2

v. A. "A Memory Stream" (Yesh 2008)

04. THE BOATS- the ballad of failure

v.A. "Ballads of the research department" (12k 2012)

05. LAURA GIBSON- la grande

06. LAURA GIBSON- crow/swallow

beide v.A. "La grande" (City Slang 2012)

06. SLEEPY SUN - white dove

v.A. "Embrace" (ATP Recordings 2009)


v.A. "Eve" ( Supernatural Cat 2010)

08. DIRTY THREE- there was was

09. DIRTY THREE- furnace skies

beide v.A. "Toward the slow sun" (Bella Union 2012)

10. DAMIEN JURADO- nothing is the news

11. DAMIEN JURADO- reel to reel

beide v.A. "Maraqopa" (Secretly Canadian 2012)

12. MARK KOZELEK - Kathy´s Song

v.A. "Little Drummer Boy - Live" (Caldo Verde Records 2006)

13. GRANT LEE BUFFALO - happiness

v.A. "Mighty Joe Moon" (Slash 1994)

14. THE ELECTRIC PRESIDENT - violent blue

v.A. "Violent Blue" (Fake Four Inc. 2010)

15. XIU XIU- say hi

16. XIU XIU- the oldness

beide v.A. "Always" (Polyvinyl 2012)

17. BRENDAN PERRY - this boy

v.A. "Ark" (Cooking Vinyl 2010)

"New Portland - Albini machts punchy - New blues - Outsider - Internationale Wege u. Mantras - The Ex in Afrika"

mit Reiner Bös


01. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA- ffunny ffriends

02. UNKNOWN MORTAL ORCHESTRA- how can u luv me

beide v.A. "s/t" (True Panther/Fat Possum 2012)

03. CLOUD NOTHINGS- no future/no past

04. CLOUD NOTHINGS- wasted days

beide v.A. "Attack on memory" (Carpark 2012)

05. GONJASUFI- feedin´ birds

06. GONJASUFI- rubberband

beide v.A. "Mu.zz.le" (Warp 2012)

07. ROYAL BATHS- faster, harder

08. ROYAL BATHS- be afraid of me

v.A. "Better luck next life" (Kanine 2012)

09. ILYAS AHMED- my mirage

10. ILYAS AHMED- by the light

beide v.A."With endless fire" (Immune 2012)

11. AMEN DUNES- baba yaga

v.A. "Through donkey jaw" (Sacred Bones 2011)



beide v.A. "Wege" (Room40)

14. JASON URICK- ageless isms

v.A. "I love you" (Thrill Jockey 2012)


v.A. "Baro 101" (Terp 2012)

16. ILILTA!- gue

17. ILILTA!- selame

beide v. 12" "Ililta!- new ethiopian dance music" (Terp 2011)

"Lieblinge 2011 - 90er Indierock revisited - Neo-Klassik/Indieambient -

Stuntmänner im Interview - Gitarren-Looper"

mit Reiner Bös u. Co-Kommentator Thomas

Live im Studio: Like A Stuntman


01. LIKE A STUNTMAN- yesterday euphoria

v.A. "YOY" (Bureau B, 2011)

02. AKRON/FAMILY- light emerges

v.A. "s/t II: The cosmic birth and journey..." (Dead Oceans, 2011)

03. GROOMS- expression of

04. GROOMS- into the arms

beide v.A. "Prom" (Kanine, 2011)

05. GUIDED BY VOICES- doughnut for the snowman

06. GUIDED BY VOICES- god loves us

07. GUIDED BY VOICES- the unsinkable Fats Domino

alle v.A. "Let´s go eat the factory" (Fire Records, 2012)

08. NILS FRAHM- keep

09. NILS FRAHM- familiar

beide v.A. "Felt" (Erased Tapes, 2011)

10. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN- requiem for the static king

11. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN- minuet for a cheap piano

beide v.A. "s/t" Erased Tapes, 2011)

12. MATT ELLIOTT- dust flesh and bones

13. MATT ELLIOTT- this is for

beide v.A. "The broken man" (Icy D´ailleurs, 2012)


15. DANNY PAUL GRODY- stars gaze

16. DANNY PAUL GRODY- orbits

alle v.A. "In search of light" (Students of Decay, 2011)


siehe 01.

18. TODD RUNDGREN- izzat love?

v.A. "Todd" (Rhino, 1991)

19. LIKE A STUNTMAN- boy campaign

20. LIKE A STUNTMAN- symptoms of the ocular

21. LIKE A STUNTMAN- hell no

siehe 01.

22. DUSTIN WONG- toe tore oh

23. DUSTIN WONG- pink diamond

beide v.A. "Dreams say, view, create, shadow leads" (Thrill Jockey, 2012)


27.01.12 LIKE A STUNTMAN im Hafen 2, Offenbach

09.02.12 EYVIND KANG & JESSICA KENNEY im Atelier Frankfurt


Wasteland-Spezial: Lieblingsplatten aus 2011

mit Peter, Thomas, Martin u. Reiner

Unterlegmusik während der Sendung:

Glenn Jones- the wanting (Thrill Jockey 2011)



01. GROOMS- tiger trees (ein Lieblingslied v. Reiner)

02. BARN OWL- the darkest night... (Top4 v. Martin)

03. MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE- prohecy of...(Top4 v. Peter)

04. RIVULETS- everybody´s on the run (Top4 v. Thomas)

05. PJ HARVEY- in dark places (Top4 v. Reiner)

 06. 11TH DREAM DAY- damned tree (Top3/Martin)

07. MIKAL CRONIN- apathy (Top3/Peter)

08. PONYTAIL- honey touches (Top3/Thomas)

09. COLIN STETSON- red horse (Top3/Reiner)

 10. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE- chakra 24 (Top2/Martin)

11. JULIANNA BARWICK- keep up the good work (Top2/Peter)

12. 11TH DREAM DAY- satellite (Top2/Thomas)

13. ALVARIUS B- well known stranger (Top2/Reiner)

 14. DEAD RIDER- tizona (Top1/Martin)

15. ICEAGE- never return (Top1/Peter)

16. DEERHOOF- the merry barracks (Top1/Thomas)

17. AKRON/FAMILY- light emerges (Top1/Reiner)

Die Plattenlisten:


01. DEAD RIDER- the raw dents (Drag City)

02. ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE- the ripper at the heaven´s...(Riot Season)

03. 11TH DREAM DAY- riot now! (Thrill Jockey)

04. BARN OWL- lost in the glare (Thrill Jockey)

05. THE NECKS- mindset (Recommended Records)

06. GLENN JONES- the wanting (Thrill Jockey)

07. 200 YEARS- s/t (Drag City)

08. ARRINGTON DE DIONYSO- suara naga (K Records)

09. HUMAN EYE- they came from the sky (Sacred Bones)

10. AKRON/FAMILY- s/t II: the cosmic birth and...(Dead Oceans)


01. ICEAGE- new brigade (What´s Your Rupture?)

02. JULIANNA BARWICK- the magic place (Asthmatic Kitty)

03. MIKAL CRONIN- s/t (Trouble In Mind)

04. MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE- totem 3 (Important)

05. ST.VINCENT- strange mercy (4AD)

06. DESTROYER- kaputt (Merge)

07. ALVARIUS B- baroque primitiva (Abduction)

08. AKRON FAMILY- s/t II (Dead Oceans)

09. SANDRO PERRI- impossible spaces (Constellation)

10. PEAKING LIGHTS- 936 (Not Not Fun)


01. DEERHOOF- vs. evil (Polyvinyl)

02. 11TH DREAM DAY- riot now! (Thrill Jockey)

03. PONYTAIL- do whatever you want all the time (We Are Free)

04. RIVULETS- we´re fucked (Important)

05. EMA- past life martyred saints (Souterrain Transmissions)

06. ICEAGE- new brigade (WYR?)

07. BORIS- attention please (Sargent House)

08. MOTORPSYCHO- roadwork vol.4 (Stickman)

09. JULIANNA BARWICK- the magic place (A.Kitty)

10. COLIN STETSON- new history warfare vol.2: judges (Constellation)


01. AKRON/FAMILY- s/t II: The birth and journey of Shinju TNT (Dead Oceans)

02. ALVARIUS B- Baroque primitiva (Abduction)

03. COLIN STETSON- New history warfare vol.2: judges (Constellation)

04. PJ HARVEY- let England shake (Island)

05. DEERHOOF- vs. evil (Polyvinyl)

06. ROBEDOOR- too down to die (Notnotfun)


08. BARN OWL- lost in the glare (Thrill Jockey)

09. NILS FRAHM- felt (Erased Tapes)

10. GROOMS- prom (Kanine)

11. TAPE- revelationes (Häpna/Immune)

12. TIM HECKER- Ravedeath, 1972 (Kranky)

13. THE FEELIES- here before (Bar None)

14. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- the penegrine (Experimedia)

15. HOBOCOMBO- now that it´s the opposite...(Trovarobato)

16. GLENN JONES- the wanting (Thrill Jockey)

17. HAUSCHKA- Salon des Amateurs (FatCat)

18. PETER WOLF CRIER- gardens of arms (Jagjaguwar)

19. BILL ORCUTT- how the thing sings (Editions Mego)

20. LIKE A STUNTMAN- yoy (Bureau B)

"Die gefährlich schöne Akkustikgitarre - Lieder für Millionen - schräg aber vorneweg - Deep Ambient u. Aussie-Ambient der Extraklasse"

mit Reiner Bös

01. WILLIAM TYLER- the cult of the peacock angel

02. WILLIAM TYLER- missionary ridge

beide v.A. "Behold the spirit" (Tompkins Square USA´10)

03. GLENN JONES- the great pacific northwest

04. GLENN JONES- even to win is to fail

beide v.A. "The wanting" (Thrill Jockey USA´11)

05. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- new whaling

v.A. "Wolroy goes to town" (Drag City USA´11)

06. 200 YEARS- wild white

07. 200 YEARS- west hartford

beide v. A. "s/t" (Drag City USA´11)

08. ARBOREA- arms & horses

v.A. "Red planet" (Stranges Attractors Audio House USA´11)

09. 200 YEARS- bees

10. 200 YEARS- more than alive

siehe 07.

11. ALVARIUS B- evil next to blue

12. ALVARIUS B- ballad of Colonel Fawcett

beide v.A. "Blood operatives of the barium sunset" (Experimedia USA´11)

13. STARE CASE- lose today

v.A. "Lose today" (De Stijl USA´11)

14. DEAF CENTER- time spent

15. DEAF CENTER- new beginning

beide v.A. "Owl splinters" (Type UK´11)

16. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- frost´s bitter grip

17. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- the roar ceasing

beide v.A. "The penegrine" (Experimedia USA´11)

18. THE NECKS- rum jungle

v.A. "Mindset" (ReR Megacorp. UK´11)

19. ALVARIUS B- dracula frizzi

siehe 12.