"Neues von gestern - Musik zum Driften - Melancholica -
moderne Klasse"

mit Reiner Bös
u. als Gastkommentatoren Manfred u. Thomas

01. THE WAR ON DRUGS- brothers
v.A. "Slave ambient" (Secretly Canadian USA´11)
02. BIG BLOOD & THE WICKED HEX- run run run
v.A. "s/t" (Phase! Records GRE´11)
03. P.G. SIX- letter
v.A. "Starry mind" (Drag City USA´11)
05. WOODEN SHJIPS- black smoke rise
beide v.A. "West" (Thrill Jockey USA´11)

06. ONEIDA- pre-human
v.A. "Absolute II" (Jagjaguwar USA´11)
07. ROBEDOOR- (in the) cybershade
v.A. "Too down to die" (Not Not Fun USA´11)
08. BARN OWL- pale star
09. BARN OWL- turiya
beide v.A. "Lost in the glare" (Thrill Jockey USA´11)

10. RIVULETS- interstate
11. RIVULETS- the road
12. RIVULETS- everybody is on the run
13. RIVULETS- sheep among wolves
alle v.A. "We´re fucked" (Important UK´11)
15. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- Teufelskamin jam #2
beide v.A. "Teufelskamin" (Staubgold D´11)

16. CLAMS CASINO- motivation
17. CLAMS CASINO- realist alive
beide v.A. "Instrumentals" (Type UK´11)
18. THE BERG SANS NIPPLE- change the shape
19. THE BERG SANS NIPPLE- convert the measurement
20. THE BERG SANS NIPPLE- pink rays sugar
alle v.A. "Build with erosion" (Team Love USA´11)  

"Benefit für Japan - Die Wichtigkeit von Mikrophonen - Blutende Gitarren -
Melodien, Melodien"

mit Reiner Bös

01. WILLIAM TYLER- tears and saints
03. C.SPENCER YEH- solo violin march 13th 2011
04. LAU NAU- oi kuolema
05. GREG DAVIS- sho sai myo...
alle v. Benefit-Comp. "Benefit for the Recovery in Japan" (Antiopic/Thrill Jockey USA 2011)

06. KIRA KIRA- leave a light on
07. PETER BRODERICK- one story (piano version)
08. COLORLIST- resolve
alle v. Benefit-Comp. "31 songs for Japan" (Flau JAP 2011)

09. COLIN STETSON- the stars in his head
10. COLIN STETSON- fear of the unknown + blazing sun
beide v.A. "New history walfare vol.2 - judges" (Constellation CAN 2011)
11. THE VEGETABLE ORCHESTRA- pocket stampede
beide v.A. "Onionoise" (Transacoustic Research/Monkey AUT 2011)

13. BILL ORCUTT- the visible bosom
14. BILL ORCUTT- how the thing sings!
beide v.A. "How the thing sings!" (Editions Mego AUT 2011)
15. MARK McGUIRE- get lost
16. MARK McGUIRE- when you´re somewhere
beide v.A. "Get lost" (Editions Mego AUT 2011)

17. THE WAR ON DRUGS- best night
v.A. "Slave ambient" (Secretly Canadian USA 2011)
18. GARDENS & VILLA- carrizo plain
19. GARDENS & VILLA- black hills
beide v.A. "s/t" (Secretly Canadian USA 2011)
20. PETER WOLF CRIER- right away
beide v.A. "Garden of arms" (Jagjaguwar USA 2011)

22. SCHNAAK- whoop whoop*****
v.A. "Wake up colossus" (Discorporate GER 2011)
*****live am 30.09.11 im IVI, Frankfurt

"Blind Date - von schlechten CD-Rs - Seltsame Gesänge -
Musik vom Mondhund - Amateure in Düsseldorf - Schöne Schweden -
Hilfe für Japan"

mit Reiner Bös u. den Gastkommentatoren Timo u. Thomas

Clouwbeck (Richard Skelton) - "From which the river rises" (Sustain Release UK 2010)

01. CHAD VANGAALEN- replace me
02. CHAD VANGAALEN- burning photographs
03. CHAD VANGAALEN- peace on the rise
alle v.A. "Diaper island" (Sub Pop USA 2011)
04. WHITE DENIM- drug
05. WHITE DENIM- at the farm
beide v.A. "D" (Downtown USA 2011)

06. SINGER- sister´s mane
07. SINGER- new bad teeth
beide v.A. "Mindreading" (Drag City USA 2011)
08. DEAD RIDER- two non-fictional lawyers
09. DEAD RIDER- mother´s meat
beide v.A. "The raw dents" (Tizona USA 2011)
10. RELIGIOUS KNIVES- paper thin
11. RELIGIOUS KNIVES- you walk
beide v.A. "Smokescreen" (Sacred Bones USA 2011)

12. HOBOCOMBO- stamping ground
13. HOBOCOMBO- theme
14. HOBOCOMBO- bird´s lament
alle v.A. "Now that it´s the opposite, it´s..." (Trovarobato ITA´11)
15. HAUSCHKA- subconscious
16. HAUSCHKA- ping
beide v.A. "Salon des Amateurs" (FatCat UK 2011)

17. TAPE- dust and light
18. TAPE- byhalia
beide v.A. "Revelationes" (Immune/Häpna USA/SWE´11)
19. GROUPER- cassiopeia
20. GIANT SAND- recovery mission
21. TOM CARTER- mended
alle v. Comp. "Benefit for the recovery in japan" (Antiopic/Thrill Jockey USA´11)

"Oh, Du schöne Gitarrenlast!"

mit Martin u. Reiner u.

Gastkommentatorin Gisela

01. THE WOODEN BIRDS- struck by lightning
v.A. "Two matchsticks" (Barsuk 2011)
beide v.A. "Left by soft" (Merge 2011)
04. 11TH DREAM DAY- satellite
v.A. "Riot now!" (Thrill Jockey 2011)
05. BORIS- riot sugar
v.A. "Heavy rocks" (Sargent House 2011)
06. BORIS- spoon
v.A. "Attention please" (Sargent House 2011)

07. MOTORPSYCHO- wishing well
v.A. "Roadwork 4-Intrepid Skronk" (Stickman 2011)
08. EDM- hold me down
v.A. "Night people" (Western Vinyl 2011)
09. BATTLES- ice cream
v.A. "Gloss drop" (Warp 2011)
10. ENABLERS- no, not gently
v.A. "Blown realms and stalled explosions" (Exile on...2011)

11. ALVARIUS B- humor police
12. ALVARIUS B- the dinner party
13. ALVARIUS B- god only be without you
alle v.A. "Baroque primitiva" (Abduction 2011)
14. TY SEGALL- my head explodes
v.A. "Goodbye bread" (Drag City 2011)
15. PRAKTIKER- do the strand***
- Live am 05.08. im Bistro Grundschule, Kronberg -

16. HUMAN EYE- alien creeps
v.A. "They came from the sky" (Sacred Bones 2011)
17. THE MEN- bataille
v.A. "Leave home" (Sacred Bones 2011)
v.A." Suara naga" (K Records 2011)
19. JACKIE O´MOTHERFUCKER- in the willows
v.A. "Earth sound system" (Fire 2011)
20. CHAD VANGAALEN- peace on the rise
v.A. "Diaper island" (Sub Pop 2011)

"Alte Helden richtig gut - Beinstellrock - Kosmisches - Concrète - Beautiful Indieambient - Schleppendes Geschäbber"

mit Reiner Bös

01. THE FEELIES- loveless love
v.A. "Crazy rhythms" (Stiff 1980)
02. THE FEELIES- nobody knows
03. THE FEELIES- time is right
04. THE FEELIES- when you know
alle v.A. "Here before" (Bar/None 2011)

05. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- arrowed pierced egg-man
06. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- beak holding letter-man
07. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- hammering castle bird-man
08. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- antlered-man
09. MIKE WATT & THE MISSING MEN- thisle headed-man
alle v.A. "Hyphenated-man" (Clenchedwrench 2011)

10. JOAN OF ARC- i saw the messed binds of...
v.A. "Life like" (Polyvinyl 2011)
11. PONYTAIL- easy peasy
12. PONYTAIL- honey touches
13. PONYTAIL- awayway
alle v.A. "Do whatever you want all the time" (We Are Free 2011)
14. PEAKING LIGHTS- birds of paradise dub version
v.A. "936" (Not Not Fun 2011)
15. MIST- mist house
v.A. "House" (Spectrum Spools 2011)

16. JOHANNES HELDEN- soft news
v.A. "Title sequence" (Ideal Recordings 2011)
17. NICOLAS BERNIER- les chambres de l´atelier
v.A. "Usure.payage" (Hrönir 2011)
18. M.OSTERMEIER- harp
v.A. "Chance reconstruction" (Tench 2010)

19. M.OSTERMEIER- streambed arrangement
20. M.OSTERMEIER- sunlight on my desk
21. M.OSTERMEIER- i took out your picture
alle v.A. "The rules of another small world" (Tench 2011)
22. LÜÜP- roots growth
v.A. "Meadow rituals" (Experimedia 2011)
23. JESU- brave new world
v.A. "Ascension" (Hydra Head/Cobra Verde 2011)

"Stagnation - Tierische Klänge - Space u. Folk - Retroschein -
Früher war alles besser!?..."

01. EARTH- old black
v.A. "Angels of darkness, demons of light" (Southern Lord/USA´11)
02. GRAILS- all the colors of the dark
v.A. "Deep politics" (Temporary Residence/USA´11)
03. EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- trempling hands
v.A. "Take care, take care, take care", Temp. Res./USA´11)
04. YOUNG WIDOWS- lean on the ghost
v.A. "In and out of youth and lightness (Temp. Res./USA´11)
05. MY DISCO- turn
v.A. "Little joy" (Temp. Res./USA´11)

06. AKRON/FAMILY- silly bears
07. AKRON/FAMILY- island
08. AKRON/FAMILY- another sky
09. AKRON/FAMILY- light emerges
alle v.A. "The cosmic birth and journey of Shinju TNT" (Dead Oceans/USA´11)
10. PANDA BEAR- you can count on me
v.A. "Tomboy" (Paw Tracks/USA´11)
11. JULIANNA BARWICK- prizewinning
v.A. "The magic place", Asthmatic Kitty/USA´11)

12. PJ HARVEY- written on the forehand
13. PJ HARVEY- the words that maketh murder
beide v.A. "Let england shake" (Island´11)
v.A. "Dorwytch" (Thrill Jockey/USA´11)
15. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- dawn, running home
v.A. "Asleep on the floodplain" (Drag City/USA´11)
16. IGNATZ- when the fall is all that is left
17. IGNATZ- streets & cars
beide v.A. "I hate this city" (Conspiracy/BEL´11)

18. METAL MOUNTAINS- the golden trees that shade us
v.A. "Golden Trees" (Amish/USA´11)
19. CRYSTAL STILTS- sycamore trees
20. CRYSTAL STILTS- prometheus at large
beide v.A. "In love with oblivion" (Fortuna Pop/UK´11)
21. DUM DUM GIRLS- there is a light that never goes out
v. CD-Single "He gets me hight" (Sub Pop/USA´11)
22. MOON DUO- when you cut
v.A. "Mazes" (Souterrain Transmissions/UK´11)

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
(Als Tribut an Don Van Vliet: 1941 - 2010)

mit Martin S. u. Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: John Fahey

01. Diddy wah diddy
v. "The legendary A&M Sessions" (1965/1984)
02. Zig zag wanderer
03. Electricity
beide v.A. "Safe as milk" (1967)
04. Kandy korn
05. Trust us
beide v.A. "Mirror man" (1967/68) u. "Strictly Personal" (1968)

06. HOWLIN´WOLF- spoonful
v.A. "s/t" (1962)
07. ORNETTE COLEMAN- rock the clock (1971)
v.A. "Science fiction" (1971)

08. Dachau blues
09. My human gets me blues
10. Steal softly thru snow
alle v.A. "Trout mask replica" (1969)
11. Doctor dark
12. i love you big dummy
beide v.A. "Lick my decals off, baby" (1970)

13. Click clack
v.A. "The spotlight kid" (1972)
14. Low yo yo stuff
15. Big eyed beans from venus
v.A. "Clear Spot" (1972)
16. Observatory crest
v.A. "Blue jeans & moonbeams" (1974)

17. MALLARD- road to marocco
v.A. "s/t" (1975)
18. FRANK ZAPPA- Debra Kadabra
v.A. "Bongo fury" (1975)

19. The floppy boot stomp
20. Bat chain puller
beide v.A. "Shiny beast" (1978)
21. Ashtray heart
22. Run paint run run
beide v.A. "Doc at the radar station (1980)
23. The host, the ghost, the most holy-o
24. The past sure is tense
beide v.A. "Ice cream for crow (1982)
25. Hot head
siehe 22.

26. FRANK ZAPPA- willi the pimp
v.A. "Hot rats" (1969)

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