Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös

Wasteland Spezial zu Mark Hollis (04.01.1955 - 25.02.19, RIP)

01. TALK TALK- life´s what you make it
02. TALK TALK- give it up
beide v.A. "The Colour of Spring" (EMI 1986)
03. TALK TALK- the rainbow
04. TALK TALK- eden
05. TALK TALK- i believe in you
alle v.A. "Spirit of Eden" (Parlophone 1988)

06. TALK TALK- ascension day
07. TALK TALK- taphead
08. TALK TALK- runeii
alle v.A. "Laughing Stock" (Verve 1991)
09. MARK HOLLIS- the colour of spring
10. MARK HOLLIS- watershed
11. MARK HOLLIS- westward bound
alle v.A. "s/t" (Polydor 1998)
12. GUY VAN NUETEN- isomorfie I
13. GUY VAN NUETEN- isomorfie II
14. GUY VAN NUETEN- wals met briljanten II
15. GUY VAN NUETEN- wals met briljanten III
alle v.A. "Contact" (Sony Classical 2018)
16. MARTIN PTAK- stream
v.A. "River Tales" (Col Legno 2018)
17. KIN LEONN- shinrin-yoku (part I)
18. KIN LEONN- somewhere
19. KIN LEONN- visionary
20. KIN LEONN- there were days
alle v.A. "Commune" (Kitchen Label 2019)

Nächste Sendung 12.04.19

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Thomas S. und Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: MAKAYA MC CRAVEN- Universal Beings (Int. Anthem Recording)

01. WILLIAM TYLER- alpine star
02. WILLIAM TYLER- our lady of the desert
beide v.A. "Goes West" (Merge 2019)
03. MICHAEL CHAPMAN- it´s too late
04. MICHAEL CHAPMAN- after all this time
beide v.A. "True North" (Paradise of Bachelors 2019)

05. STEVE GUNN- new moon
06. STEVE GUNN- stonehurst cowboy
07. STEVE GUNN- lightning field
alle v.A. "The Unseen In Between" (Matador 2019)
08. STRAND OF OAKS- weird ways
v.A. "Eraserland" (Dead Oceans 2019)
09. THE LEMONHEADS- things
v.A. "Varshons II" (Fire Records 2019)
10. MARTIN FRAWLEY- you want me?
11. MARTIN FRAWLEY- end of the bar
beide v.A. "Undone At 31" (Merge 2019)

12. TANK AND THE BANGAS- quick --------- ausgewählt von Thomas
v. 12" "Live Vibes: Tour Edition" (Verve Forecast 2018)

13. ULRICH TROYER- dolomite dub part II
v.A. "Dolomite Dub" (4Bit Productions 2019)
15. LAURIE SPIEGEL- patchwork
beide v.A. "The Expanding Universe" (1980, Re-Issue auf Unseen Worlds 2018/19)
16. LAURIE SPIEGEL- from a harmonic algorithm
v.A. "Unseen Worlds" (1991, Re-Issue auf Unseen Worlds 2019)
17. BEWIDER- we must dream as we act
18. BEWIDER- panorama
beide v.A. "Full Panorama" (Folk Wisdom 2019)

Die Wasteland-Lieblinge 2018 mit Peter, Martin, Thomas und Reiner

01. FRODE HALTLI- hug (ausgewählt von Reiner)

02. MOSTER!- bow shock (Martin)
03. LONNIE HOLLEY- there was always water (Peter)
04. LOW- dancing and blood (Thomas)
05. RAUL REFREE- LGO 28022017 (Reiner)

06. ALEXANDER TUCKER- ghost on the ledge (Martin)
07. TROPICS- (Peter)
08. LOUIS COLE- thinking (Thomas)
09. SZUN WAVES- fall into water (Reiner)

10. THE NECKS- body (Martin)
12. EARTHEATER- inclined (Thomas)
13. TROPICAL FUCKSTORM- you let my tyres down (Reiner)

Ausgewählte Lieblingssongs:
14. FLOOR BROTHERS- alaskan wild (Peter)
15. BARDO POND- and i will (Martin)
16. CARLA BOZULICH- sha sha (Thomas)
17. BEAK- when we fall (Reiner)

Die Lieblingsplatten 2018:


01. MAKAYA MC CRAVEN- Universal Beings (Int. Anthem Recording)
02. TROPICS- Nocturnal Souls (Plus Fours)
03. LONNIE HOLLEY- Mith (Jagjaguwar)
04. FLOORBROTHERS- Ultimate Floor (Ikarus Records)
05. TIRZAH- Devotion (Domino)
06. YVES TUMOR- Safe in the hands of love (Warp)
07. JULIA HOLTER- Aviary (Domino)
08. ONEIDA- Romance (Joyful Noise)
09. PARQUET COURTS- Wide Awake! (Rough Trade)
10. INTERNATIONAL MUSIC- Die besten Jahre (Staatsakt)


01. THE NECKS- Body (ReR Megacorp)
02. ALEXANDER TUCKER- Don´t Look Away (Thrill Jockey)
03. MOSTER!- States of minds (Hubro)
04. ROY MONTGOMERY- Suffuse (Grapefruit)
05. BARDO POND- Volume 8 (Fire Records)
06. CAVE- Allways (Drag City)
07. OREN AMBARCHI/JIM O´ROURKE- Hence (Editions Mego)
08. CHARNEL GROUND- s/t (12XU)
09. E- Negative Work (Thrill Jockey)
10. NATHAN BOWLES- Plainly Mistaken (Paradise of Bachelors)


01. EARTHEATER- Irisiri (PAN)
02. LOUIS COLE- Time (Brainfeeder)
03. LOW- Double Negative (Sub Pop)
04. BUILDING INSTRUMENT- Mangelen Min (Hubro)
05. BEAK- >>> (Invada)
06. RIVAL CONSOLES- Persona (Erased Tapes)
07. SAM WILKES- Wilkes 2 (Leaving Records)
08. RYLEY WALKER- The Lillywhite Sessions (Dead Oceans)
09. ROY MONTGOMERY- Suffuse (Grapefruit)
10. EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK- Pissing Stars (Constellation)


01. TROPICAL FUCKSTORM- "A Laughing Death in Meatspace" (TRF Records 2018)
02. SZUN WAVES- "New Hymn To Freedom" (The Leaf Label 2018)
03. RAUL REFREE- "La Otra Mitad" (tak:til/Glitterbeat 2018)
04. YONATAN GAT- "Universalists" (tak:til/Glitterbeat 2018)
05. FRODE HALTLI- "Avant Folk" (Hubro 2018)
06. CARLA BOZULICH- "Quieter" (Constellation 2018)
07. BEAK- ">>>" (Invada 2018)
08. FREDERICO DURAND- Pequenas Melodias (IKKI 2018)
09. ONEIDA- "Romance" (Joyful Noise 2018)
10. WOOLEN MEN- "Post" (Dog´s Table 2018)
11. CAVE- "Allways" (Drag City 2018)
12. MEROPE- "Naktés" (granvat 2018)
13. JOAN OF ARC- "1984" (Joyful Noise 2018)
14. RYLEY WALKER- "The Lillywhite Sessions" (Dead Oceans 2018)
15. GLENN JONES- "The Giant Who Ate Himself... " (Thrill Jockey 2018)
16. LOW- "Double Negative" (Sub Pop 2018)
17. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- "Thresholder" (130701 2018)
18. ESCAPE-ISM- "The lost record" (Merge 2018)
19. MODERN STUDIES- "Welcome Strangers" (Fire Records 2018)
20. MOSTER!- "States of Minds" (Hubro 2018)
21. SUUNS- "Felt" (Secretly Canadian 2018)
22. KATE NV- "For" (RVNG Intl. 2018)
23. HEATHER LEIGH- "Throne" (Editions Mego 2018)
24. ULAAN MARKHOR- Helm (Soft Abuse 2018)
25. PARK JIHA- "Communion" (Glitterbeat/tak:til 2018)

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas
Unterlegmusik: SARAH DAVACHI- Gave in rest (Ba Da Bing Records 2018)

01. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- utopia/on living
v.A. "Tarab" (Sub Rosa 2018)
02. ULAAN MARKHOR- holy hitch
03. ULAAN MARKHOR- pararhyme
04. ULAAN MARKHOR- below the outfall
alle v.A. "Helm" (Soft Abuse 2018)
05. MEG BAIRD & MARRY LATTIMORE- blue burning
06. MEG BAIRD & MARRY LATTIMORE- painter of tygers
beide v.A. "Ghost Forests" (Three Lobed Recordings 2018)

07. FEDERICO DURAND- las Estrellas Giran En El Pinar
08. FEDERICO DURAND- los Juguetes De Minka Podhájská
alle v.A. "Pequeñas Melodías" (IIKKI 2018)
10. ELI KESZLER- lotus awnings
11. ELI KESZLER- flying floor for U.S. Airways
12. ELI KESZLER- simple act of inverting the episode
alle v.A. "Stadium" (Shelter Press 2018)

14. BUILDING INSTRUMENT- mangelen min
alle v.A. "Mangelen Min" (Hubro 2019)
16. KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT- hengita sisaan ulos
17. KEMIALLISET YSTÄVÄT-kukista portaan
beide v.A. "SIIPI EMPII" (Ikuisuus 2018)

18. SUUN TRIO- al-rijal al-khafiya
v.A. "Fayrus" (Unrock 2018)
19. THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282- a lamb´s lullaby
beide v.A. "I hope it lands" (The Communion Label 1996)
21. DANIELSON- snap outtavit
22. DANIELSON- who hears twell van dunder
beide von der EP "Snap Outtavit" (Joyful Noise 2018)

23. NATHAN SALSBURG- timoney´s
beide v.A. "Third" (No Quarter 2018)

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas (Müde-Edition)

Unterlegmusik: I.W.CRAIG- Thresholder (Album)


01. BEN CHATWIN- nordsjoen
v.A. "Drone Signals" (Village Green 2018)
02. BEN CHATWIN- knots
03. BEN CHATWIN- bow shock
beide v.A. "Staccato Signals" (Village Green 2018)
04. MEDICINE VOICE- three six six
v.A. "Prelude/The Ouroboros of heartswin" (Provenance 2018)

05. CUTS- time is not your friend
06. CUTS- a gradual decline
beide v.A. "A Gradual Decline" (Village Green 2018)
07. ATTILIO NOVELLINO- false self cage
08. ATTILIO NOVELLINO- satan is always happy
beide v.A. "A Conscious Effort" (Midira Records 2018)
09. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- wasted, Ivano-Frankivsk
10. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- vigilant, Jerichow
11. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- blessed, Ermenonville
alle v.A. "There are actions which we have neglected and..." (Bureau B 2018)

12. HOERA- 01
v. EP "~" (Granvat 2018)
13. RAUL REFREE- que te vayas
14. RAUL REFREE- dar a luz
15. RAUL REFREE- Ramirez 11012017
16. RAUL REFREE- la otra mitad
17. RAUL REFREE- LGO 24022017
alle v.A. "La Otra Mitad" (tak:til 2018/Glitterbeat)

18. SAMBA TOURÉ- hawah
19. SAMBA TOURÉ- mana yero koy/where to go
beide v.A. "Wande" (Glitterbeat 2018)
20. STELLA CHIWESHE- kasahwa
21. STELLA CHIWESHE- ratidzo
beide v.A. "Kasawha: Early Singles" (Glitterbeat 2018)
22. FOFOULAH- ndanane
23. FOFOULAH- knicki
beide v.A. "Daega Rek" (Glitterbeat 2018)
25. MEDICINE VOICE- bombshell
beide siehe 4.

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas

Unterlegmusik: OISEAU-TEMPETE- Tarab (Sub Rosa 2018)


01. CAVE- aharaha
02. CAVE- dusty
beide v.A. "Allways" (Drag City 2018)
03. MUDHONEY- nerve attack
04. MUDHONEY- night and fog
beide v.A. "Digital Garbage" (Sub Pop 2018)
05. KINSKI- fun couple
06. KINSKI- a nap is a slice of the world
beide v.A. "Accustomed To Your Face" (Kill Rock Stars 2018)

07. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- you let my tyres down
08. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- chameleon paint
09. TROPICAL FUCK STORM- the future of history
alle v.A. "A Laughing Death in Meatspace" (TRF Records 2018)
10. LITHICS- excuse generator
11. LITHICS- still forms
12. LITHICS- when will i die
alle v.A. "Mating Surfaces" (Kill Rock Stars 2018)

13. RIVULETS- i was lost before i met you
v.A. "In Our Circle" (Talitres 2018)
14. RYLEY WALKER- busted stuff
15. RYLEY WALKER- diggin´ a ditch
16. RYLEY WALKER- grace is gone
alle v.A. "The Lillywhite Sessions" (Dead Oceans 2018)

17. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- some absolute means
18. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- and therefore the moonlight
19. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- the last westbrook lament
alle v.A. "Thresholder" (130701 2018)
20. BEN CHATWIN- unravel
21. BEN CHATWIN- nordsjoen
beide v.A. "Drone Signals" (Village Green 2018)

"Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös"

BOOK OF AIR VVOLK- Se (in) De Bos (Sub Rosa 2018)

01. NOVA MOB- persuaded (Grant Hart-Tribute)
v.A. "The Last Days of Pompeii" (Rough Trade 1991)
02. NATHAN BOWLES- now if you remember
03. NATHAN BOWLES- the road reversed
beide v.A. "Plainly Mistaken" (Paradise Of Bachelors 2018)
04. GLENN JONES- the last passenger pigeon
05. GLENN JONES- from Frederick to Fredricksburg
beide v.A. "The Giant Who Ate Himself... " (Thrill Jockey 2018)

06. ANDREW TUTTLE- sodermalm syndrome
07. ANDREW TUTTLE- garden development
beide v.A. "s/t" (Room40 2018)
08. GEIR SUNDSTOL- leben
09. GEIR SUNDSTOL- kulten
beide v.A. "Brodlos" (Hubro 2018)
10. JULIA REIDY- jfai
v.A. "Beholder" (Room40 2018)

11. HEATHER LEIGH- prelude to goddess
12. HEATHER LEIGH- soft seasons
beide v.A. "Throne" (Editions Mego 2018)
13. KIM MYHR- passing through
v.A. "Pressing Clouds Passing Crowds " (Hubro 2018)
14. CAT POWER- in your face
15. CAT POWER- nothing really matters
16. CAT POWER- me voy
alle v.A. "Wanderer" (Domino 2018)

17. RIVULETS- everything goes
18. RIVULETS- not today
19. RIVULETS- you can never come back
alle v.A. "In Our Circle" (Talitres 2018)
20. DEERHOOF- music for strings, percussion...
21. DEERHOOF- midnight, the stars and you
beide von der 7" "Deerhoof Plays Music of The Shining" ( Famous Class 2018)