01. JIM O'ROURKE- friends with benefits
v.A. "Simple songs" (Drag City 2015)
02. THE SILENCE- lemon iro no cannabis
03. THE SILENCE- tango whiskeyman
beide v.A. "s/t" (Drag City 2015)
04. THE COCOON- teenage dope blues
v.A. "While the recording engineer sleeps" (Staubgold)
05. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- sphere path code c
v.A. "Hexadic" (Drag City 2015)

06. Hilde Marie Holsen- muskovitt
v.A. "Ask" (Hubro 2015)
07. MONKEY PLOT- som om husene ikke vet
08. MONKEY PLOT- undertiden
beide v.A. "Angaende omstendigheter..." (Hubro 2015)
09. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- bound in marocco
10. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- let it come down
beide v.A. "Tangier Sessions" (Drag City 2015)
11. DANIEL BACHMAN- won´t you cross over to that other shore
v.A. "River" (Three Lobed 2015)

----Kilbi-Festival 2015-Rückblick auf die Highlights----:
12. BO NINGEN- yuruyakana ao
13. SLEAFORD MODS- tweet tweet tweet
14. SLEAFORD MODS- a little ditty
15. CIRCLE- lääke

16. THE EX & FENDIKA- addis hum
von der 7" Addis hum/laie guma (Ex Records 2015)
17. PRINCE BUJU- in the war
v.A. "We are in the war" (Makkum Records 2015)

Nächstes Wasteland am 24.07.15:

Wasteland-Spezial zu Rowland S. Howard

Unterlegmusik:Nathan Amundson- western songs (


01. BONNIE STILLWATTER- the devil is people
02 BONNIE STILLWATTER- the devil is people (Bundy K Brown-Mix)
von der gleichnamigen 12" (Temporary Residence 2015)
03. SUFJAN STEVENS- death with dignity
04. SUFJAN STEVENS- the forth of july
05. SUFJAN STEVENS- carrie & lowell
alle v.A. "Carrie & Lowell" (Asthmatic Kitty 2015)

06. PAUL DE JONG- this is who i am
07. PAUL DE JONG- golden gate
08. PAUL DE JONG- debt free
alle v,A. "IF" (Temporary Residence 2015)
09. RACHEL GRIMES- the air in time
10. RACHEL GRIMES- the herald
v.A. "The clearing" (Temporary Residence 2015)

11. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR- piss crowns are trebled
v.A. "Asunder, sweet and other distress" (Constellation 2015)
12. ROB ST. JOHN- surface tension (
13. COLLEEN- holding horses
14. COLLEEN- captain of none
beide v.A. "Captain of none" (Thrill Jockey 2015)
15. FINLAND- dust drive
16. FINLAND- rainy omen
beide v.A. "Rainy omen" (Hubro 2015)

Unterlegmusik: CELER- Sky limits (Baskaru 2015)


von der 12" "Heat Leisure III&IV" (Thrill Jockey 2015)
02. GROOMS- comb the feelings through your hair
03. GROOMS- doctor m
beide v.A. "Comb the feelings through your hair" (Western Vinyl 2015)
04. SPACE SIREN- zachies
05. SPACE SIREN- song for a dead pilot
beide v. Do7" "Songs for a dead pilot" (Makkum 2015)

06. MILE ME DEAF- living in a shrinking hell
07. MILE ME DEAF- pose and move
08. MILE ME DEAF- headnote #1
alle v.A. "Eerie bits of future trips" (Siluh 2015)
09. VIET CONG- bunker buster
10. VIET CONG- continental shelf
beide v.A. "s/t" (Jagjaguwar 2015)
11. FUGAZI- in defense of humans
v.A. "First demo" (Dischord 2014)

12. SKYDIVE TRIO- bravo
13. SKYDIVE TRIO- sour times
v.A. "Sun moee" (Hubro 2015)
v.A. "Pianokammer" (Hubro 2014)
15. ERIK HONORÉ- sanctuary
16. ERIK HONORÉ- pioneer trail
beide v.A. "Heliographs" (Hubro 2014)
beide v.A. "Bonita" (Rune Grammofon 2015)
19. MOSTER!- magma movement
20. MOSTER!- mount vesuvio
beide v.A. "Inner earth" (Hubro 2014)

"Was scheinbar nicht passt, passt aber doch!"

mit Reiner Bös


01. VILLALOG- Düsseldorf dub
02. VILLALOG- bassknopf
beide v.A. "Spacetrash" (Klangbad 2014)
03. THE NOTWIST- object 5
04. THE NOTWIST- object 8
05. THE NOTWIST- object 9
alle v.A. "Messier objects" (Alien Transistor 2015)

06. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- désarroi #2: grundstürzend
08. KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF- zurück zum beton
alle v.A. "Désarroi" (Staubgold 2015)
09. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- before meaning comes
10- IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- a slight grip, a gentle hold
beide v.A. "A turn of breath" (Recital 2014)

11. LABFIELD- straight A´s in constant sorrow
12. LABFIELD- members crossed
beide v.A. "Bucket of songs" (Hubro 2015)
v.A. "Pond" (Hubro 2015)
14. MANYFINGERS- ode to Louis Thomas Hardin
15. MANYFINGERS- erasrev
beide v.A. "The spectacular nowhere" (Ici D'ailleurs 2015)

16. BRACKEN- colour and calm
17. BRACKEN- we put the pop in unpopular
beide v.A. "Exixt resist" (Baro Records 2014)
18. YANNIS KYRIAKIDES & ANDY MOOR- today is the same day as yesterday
beide v.A. "A life is a billion heartbeats" (Unsounds 2014)

Die Wasteland-Lieblingsplatten aus 2014

mit Peter, Joe, Martin, Thomas und Reiner

(Unterlegmusik kam von The Humble Bee, Tape, The Notwist)


Songs aus den drittliebsten Alben:
01. GOAT- hide from the sun (ausgewählt von Peter)
02. GOAT- talk to god (...von Joe)
03. STEVE GUNN- Tommy´s congo (v. Martin)
04. RIVULETS- summer rain (v. Thomas)
05. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- either or (v. Reiner)

Songs aus den zweitliebsten Alben:
06. TIMBER TIMBRE- curtains (v. Peter)
07. DARK MATTER- the long count (v. Joe)
08. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- the headlock (v. Martin)
09. DEERHOOF- big house waltz (v. Thomas)
10. RIVULETS- your own place to ruin (v. Reiner)

Songs aus den liebsten Alben:
11. HOOKWORMS- beginners (v. Peter)
12. RIVULETS- i was once a handsome man (v. Joe)
13. RHYTON- the stripped sun (v. Martin)
14. OUGHT- habit (v. Thomas)
15. OUGHT- more than any other day (v. Reiner)

Weitere Empfehlungen:
16. DEAN BLUNT- fifty cent (v. Peter)
17. OREN AMBARCHI- no. 4 (v. Martin)
18. TANYA TARAQ- uningmak (v. Thomas)
19. OTTO A. TOTLAND- pino (v. Reiner)
20. LAST EX- hotel blues (v. Peter)

Die Listen der Lieblingalben:

01. HOOKWORMS- the hum (Weird World Records)
02. TIMBER TIMBRE- hot dreams (A&C)
03. GOAT- commune (Rocket Recordings)
04. DEAN BLUNT- black metal (Rough Trade)
05. LAST EX- s/t (Constellation)
06. ANDY STOTT- faith in strangers (Modern Love)
07. HTRK- psychic 9-5 club (Ghostly International)
08. WHITE FENCE- for the recently found innocent (Drag City)
09. ALESSANDRO CORTINI- sonno (Hospital Productions)
10. HOSPITALITY- trouble (Fire Records)

01. RIVULETS- i remember everything (Jellyphant)
02. DARK MATTER- s/t (Siltbreeze)
03. GOAT- commune (Rocket Recordings)
04. ST. VINCENT- s/t (Caroline)
05. SCOTT TUMA- cracker where am i (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!)
06. OUGHT- more than any other day (Constellation)
07. DEERHOOF- la isla bonita (Polyvinyl)
08. BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE- piano nights (PIAS)
09. CARLA BOZULICH- boy (Constellation)
10. SWANS- to be kind (Young God)

01. RHYTON- ky ke on (Thrill Jockey)
02. BELFI/GRUBBS/PILIA- dust and mirrors (Drag City)
03. STEVE GUNN- way out weather (Paradise of Bachelors)
04. SKULLFLOWER- draconis (Cold Spring)
05. OREN AMBARCHI- quixotism (Editions Mego)
06. CHRIS FORSYTH- intensity ghost (Paradise of Bachelors)
07. BITCHIN´ BAJAS- s/t (Drag City)
08. EARTH- primitive and deadly (Southern Lord)
09. SHELLAC- dude incredible (Touch and Go)
10. ULAAN MARKHOR- spiral horns, black onions et al (Soft Abuse)

01. OUGHT- more than any other day (Constellation)
02. DEERHOOF- la isla bonita (Polyvinyl)
03. RIVULETS- i remember everything (Jellyphant)
04. DARK MATTER- s/t (Siltbreeze)
05. GOAT- commune (Rocket Recordings)
06. SUN KIL MOON- benji (Caldo Verde)
07. ST. VINCENT- s/t (PIAS)
08. ANDY MOOR & YANNIS KYRIAKIDES- a life is a billion heartbeats (Unsounds)
10. HHY & THE MACUMBAS- throat permission cut (Silo)

01. Ought- more than any other day (Constellation)
02. Rivulets- I remember everything (Jellyfant)
03. Ian William Craig- a turn of breath (Recital)
04. Amen Dunes- love (Sacred Bones)
05. The Notwist- close to the glass (City Slang)
06. Building Instrument- s/t (Hubro)
07. Andy Moor & Yannis Kyriakidis- a life is a billion heartbeats (Unsounds)
08. Deerhoof- la isla bonita (Polyvinyl)
09. Dark Matter- s/t (Siltbreeze)
10. Damien Jurado- brothers and sisters of the eternal son (Secretly Canadian)
11. Neneh Cherry- blank project (Smalltown Supersound)
12. Goat- commune (Sub Pop)
13. Otto A. Totland- pino (Sonic Pieces)
14. The Humble Bee- she possessed the secret for listening to the stars (Our Other Ideas)
15. Tape- casino (Häpna)
16. Deaf Center- recount (Sonic Pieces)
17. Ex Hex- rips (Merge)
18. David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights- end times undone (Merge)
19. Grumbling Fur- preternaturals (The Quietus)
20. Valerio Tricoli- miseri lares (Pan)
21. Ulaan Markhor- spiral horns, black onions et al (Soft Abuse)
22. Sun Kil Moon- benji (Caldo Verde)
23. The Young Mothers- a mother´s work is never done (Tektine)
24. Elisa Ambrogio- the immortalist (Drag City)
25. Gabriel Saloman- movement building vol.1 (Shelter Press)

"Wasteland mit Overtime rein ins Kasino"

Unterlegmusik: MARSEN JULES- at grm (Oktaf/Kompakt 2014)

01. TAPE- alioth
02. TAPE- goemon
beide v.A. "Casino" (Häpna 2014)
v.A. "Atomos" (Kranky/Erased Tapes 2014)
04. ANJOU- inclosed
v.A. "s/t" (Kranky 2014)
v.A. " E Luxo So" (Kranky 2000)

06. ANDREW WEATHERS- to die no more
07. ANDREW WEATHERS- there will be no sorrow there
beide v.A. "One day we´ll find the valley" (Lifelike Family 2014)
08. SCOTT TUMA- soul side
09. SCOTT TUMA- T.B. Walls
10. SCOTT TUMA- knowhere
11. SCOTT TUMA- lil´em
alle v.A. "Cracker where am I?" ( 2014)

12. RADIAN VERSES HOWE GELB- return to picacho peak
14. RADIAN VERSES HOWE GELB- from birth to mortician
alle v.A. "Radian verses Howe Gelb" (Radian/Trost 2014)
15. JAGA JAZZIST- Oslo skyline*****
v.A. "What we must" (Ninja Tunes 2005)
16. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- last famous words******
v.A. "Enormous Door" (Ex Records 2013)

17. DEERHOOF- paradise girls
18. DEERHOOF- exit only
19. DEERHOOF- mirror monster
20. DEERHOOF- doom
alle v.A. "La Isla Bonita" (Altin Village & Mine 2014)
21. THE FLAMING LIPS (feat. M.CYRUS & MOBY)- lucy in the sky with diamonds
22. THE FLAMING LIPS- getting better
beide v.A. "With a little help from my friends" (Bella Union 2014)

23. GRUMBLING FUR- all the rays
24. GRUMBLING FUR- lightinsisters
beide v.A. "Preternaturals" (The Quietus 2014)
25. SINOIA CAVES- Elena´s sound-world
26. SINOIA CAVES- run program: sentionauts
beide vom Soundtrack "Beyond the black rainbow" (Jagjaguwar 2014)

27. KALIPO- lux
28. KALIPO- come
beide v.A. "Yaruto" (Antime 2014)
29. ULAAN MARKHOR- in the ravine
30. ULAAN MARKHOR- last leaf of the season
31. ULAAN MARKHOR- the cabled distance
alle v.A. "Spiral horns, black onions et al." (Soft Abuse 2014)

*****live am 02.12.14 im Hafen 2, Offenbach
******live am 27.11.14 im Hafen 2, Offenbach

Nächste Sendung:
 23.01.15 Die Lieblinge 2014 mit den üblichen Verdächtigen

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös

01. EX HEX- waterfall
02. EX HEX- new kid
03. EX HEX- war paint
alle v.A. "Rips" (Merge 2014)
04. SHELLAC- dude incredible
05. SHELLAC- riding bikes
beide v.A. "Dude Incredible" (Touch&Go 2014)

06. INCA BABIES- river to the centre of the world
v.A. "The Stereo Plan" (Black Lagoon 2014)
07. DARK MATTER- the face of evil
08. DARK MATTER- the long count
beide v.A. "s/t" (Siltbreeze 2014)
09. HAMISH KILGOUR- turn around
10. HAMISH KILGOUR- hullabaloo
beide v.A. "All of it and nothing" (Ba Da Bing 2014)

11. RIVULETS- summer rain
12. RIVULETS- ride on, molina
13. RIVULETS- your own place to ruin
alle v.A. "I Remember Everything" (Jellyfant 2014)
14. SUN KIL MOON- dogs
15. SUN KIL MOON- micheline
beide v.A. "Benji" (Caldo Verde 2014)

16. STEVE GUNN- way out weather
v.A. "Way Out Weather" (Paradise Of Bachelors 2014)
17. GOAT- goatchild
18. GOAT- gathering of ancient tribes
beide v.A. "Commune" (Sub Pop/Rocket Recordings 2014)
19. TAPE- seagulls
v.A. "Casino" (Häpna 2014)