mit Reiner Bös

Unterlegmusik: Christiaan Virant- fistful of Buddha (CVMK 2013)


02. SCOUT NIBLETT- can´t fool me now
03. SCOUT NIBLETT- no scrubs
alle v.A. "It´s up to Emma" (Drag City 2013)
04. MARNIE STERN- year of the glad
05. MARNIE STERN- proof of life
beide v.A. "The cronicles of marnia" (Kill Rock Stars 2013)

06. SUUNS- 2020
07. SUUNS- mirror mirror
beide v.A. "Images du futur" (Secretly Canadian 2013)
08. CHELSEA LIGHT MOVING- empires of time
v.A. "s/t" (Matador 2013)
09. WIRE- doubles & trebles
10. WIRE- re-invent your second wheel
beide v.A. "Change becomes us" (Pink Flag 2013)

11. PERE UBU- thanks
v.A. "Lady from Shanghai" (Fire 2013)*****
12. DEVENDRA BANHART- the Charles C. Leary
v. Minialbum "The black babies" (Young God 2003)*****
13. AKRON/FAMILY- until the morning
14. AKRON/FAMILY- holy boredom
15. AKRON/FAMILY- way up
alle v.A. "Sub verses" (Dead Oceans 2013)

16. MICE PARADE- currents
17. MICE PARADE- contessa
18. MICE PARADE- warm hand in narnia
alle v.A. "Candela" (FatCat 2013)
19. OVERSEAS- ghost to be
20. OVERSEAS- old love
21. OVERSEAS- lights are gonna fall
alle v.A. "s/t" (Undertow 2013)

22. SEBADOH- keep the boy alive
v. "Secret EP" (2013)
23. DEERHUNTER- neon junkyard
24. DEERHUNTER- leather jacket II
beide v.A. "Monomania" (4AD 2013)
25. MILE ME DEAF- brando
v.EP "Brando" (Siluh 2013)

Pere Ubu- 27.06.13 Das Bett, Frankfurt
Devendra Banhart- 09.07.13 Mousonturm, Frankfurt

"Jason Molina-Spezial Teil 2 u. Neues aus dem Wasteland"

mit Reiner Bös


01. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- montgomery
v.A. "Fading trails" (Secretly Canadian 2006)
02. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- hammer down
v.A. "Nashville moon"*
03. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- a little at a time
v.A. "The black ram"*
04. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- nashville moon
siehe 02.
06. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- little sad eyes
v.A. "Josephine" (S.C. 2009)

07. JASON MOLINA- whip-poor-Will
v. Tour-CD 2003 (S.C. 2003)
08. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- whip-poor-Will
siehe 06.
09. MOLINA AND JOHNSON- almost let me in
10. MOLINA AND JOHNSON- leonore´s lullaby
v.A. "s/t" (S.C. 2009)
11. JASON MOLINA- heart my heart
12. JASON MOLINA- the harvest law
v. "William Schaff Artbook w/ 10" "Autumn bird songs"" (Graveface 2012)
13. WILL OLDHAM- gypsy he-witch
v. der Compilation "Weary engine blues" (Graveface 2013)
für beides siehe

* aus der "Sojourner Box" (S.C. 2007)


14. THE FLAMING LIPS- turning violent
15. THE FLAMING LIPS- always there in our hearts
16. THE FLAMING LIPS- look, the sun is rising
alle v.A. "The terror" (Bella Union 2013)

17. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- last famous words
18. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- our leaky homes
19. THE EX & BRASS UNBOUND- theme from Konono No.2
alle v.A. "Enormous door" (Ex Records 2013)

20. KINSKI- last day on earth
21. KINSKI- conflict free diamonds
22. KINSKI- let me take you through my thought process
23. KINSKI- a little ticker tape never hurt anybody
alle v.A. "Cosy moments" (Kill Rock Stars 2013)

"The songs of Jason Molina (1973-2013)" - Teil 1:

mit Reiner Bös


01. SONGS: OHIA- the black crow
v.A. "The lioness" (Secretly Canadian 2000)
02. SONGS: OHIA- cabwaylingo
v.A. "s/t" (S. Canadian 1997)
03. SONGS: OHIA- all pass
v. EP "Hecla & Griper" (S.Canadian 1997)
04. SONGS: OHIA- an ace unable to change
v.A. "Impala" (S.Canadian 1998)
05. SONGS: OHIA- love & work
06. SONGS: OHIA- love leaves its abusers
beide v.A. "Axxess & Ace" (S.Canadian 1999)

07. SONGS: OHIA- the dark wrong turn
v.A. "The Ghost" (S.Canadian 1999)
08. SONGS: OHIA- lioness
09. SONGS: OHIA- coxcomb red
siehe 01.
10. SONGS: OHIA- the body burned away
11. SONGS: OHIA- incantation
beide v.A. "Ghost tropic" (S.Canadian 2000)
12. SONGS: OHIA- blue factory flame
v.A. "Didn´t it rain" (S.Canadian 2002)

13. THE AMALGAMATED SONS OF REST- i will be good
v.Minialbum "s/t" (Galaxia 2002)
14. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- i´ve been riding with the ghost
15. THE MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- Peoria lunch box blues
beide v.A. "s/t" (S.Canadian 2003
16. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- the dark don´t hide it
17. MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO- hard to love a man
beide v.A. "What comes after the blues" (S.Canadian 2005)

18. JASON MOLINA- alone with the owl
19. JASON MOLINA- it´s easier now
20. JASON MOLINA- everything should try again
alle v.A. "Let me go, let me go, let me go" (S.Canadian 2006)

Fortsetzung am 31.05.13

Wasteland-Spezial: Postpunk, Teil 2

mit Martin u. Reiner

01. SONGS:OHIA- lightning risked it all
v.A. "Ghost tropic" (Secretly Canadian 2000)*****


02. BAUHAUS- Bela Lugosi´s dead
v.A. "Press the eject and..." (Beggars Banquet 1982)
03. BAUHAUS- who killed mr. moonlight?
v.A. "Burning from the inside" (Beggars Banquet 1983)
04. JOY DIVISION- she´s lost control
v.A. "Unknown pleasures" (Factory 1979)
05. SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES- metal postcard
v.A. "The scream" (Polydor 1978)

06. THE CURE- siamese twins
v.A. "Pornography" (Fiction 1982)
07. VIRGIN PRUNES- decline and fall
v.A. "I i die, i die" (Rough Trade 1982)
08. KILLING JOKE- unspeakable
v.A. "What´s this for...!" (EG 1981)
09. GLAXO BABIES- avoiding the issue
v.A. "Put me on the guest list" (Heartbeat 1980)

10. THE RAINCOATS- shouting out loud
v.A. "Odyshape" (Rough Trade 1981)
11. THE RAINCOATS- in love
v.A. "s/t" (Rough Trade 1979)
12. XTC- respectable street
v.A. "The black sea" (Virgin 1980)
13. A CERTAIN RATIO- do the du
v. A. " The graveyard and the ballroom" (Factory 1980)

14. CABARET VOLTAIRE- no escape
v.A. "Mix up" (Rough Trade 1979)
15. TUXEDOMOON- no tears
v. 12" "No tears" (Time Release 1979)
16. DEVO- praying hands
v.A. "Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo" (Warner 1979)
17. B-52´s- rock lobster
v.A. "s/t" (Warner 1979)

18. 23 SKIDOO- kundalini
v.A. "Seven songs" (Fetish 1982)
19. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- junkyard
v.A. "Junkyard" (Missing Link 1982)
20. MINUTEMEN- political song for Michael Jackson to sing
v.A. "Double nickels on a dime" (SST 1984)

...Fortsetzung folgt...


*****19.04.13 Wasteland-Spezial zu Jason Molina (R.I.P)

mit Reiner Bös


01. BROKEBACK- who is Bozo Texino?
02. BROKEBACK- gold!
beide v.A. "...and the Black Rock" (Thrill Jockey 2013)
03. ZELIENOPLE- the southern
04. ZELIENOPLE- the real devil
beide v.A. "The world is a house on fire" (Type 2012)
05. ARBOURETUM- the promise
06. ARBOURETUM- the long night
beide v.A. "Coming out of the fog" (Thrill Jockey 2013)

07. MAJOR STARS- autumn day
v.A. "Decibels of gratitude" (Important 2012)
08. KANDODO- san birdeeno
09. KANDODO- yamadharma
v.A. "s/t" (Thrill Jockey 2012)
10. ANDREW WEATHERS- hallelujah
11. ANDREW WEATHERS- single girl married girl
12. ANDREW WEATHERS- get free
alle v.A. "We don´t have sun like this" (Full Spectrum 2012)

13. GILDED- string and stone
14. GILDED- road movie
15. GILDED- dew cloud
alle v.A. "Terrane" (Hidden Shoal 2013)
16. MOONSHINE BLUES- we´re going to rise up above
v.A. "Through" (Hidden Vibes 2012)

17. IL SOGNO DEL MARINAIO- the tiger princess
18. IL SOGNO DEL MARINAIO- the partisan song
beide v.A. "La busta gialla" (Clenchedwrench 2013)
19. PERE UBU- free white
20. PERE UBU- feuksely ma´am, the hearing
beide v.A. "Lady from Shanghai" (Fire 2013)

"Wasteland-Lieblinge 2012"
mit Martin, Peter, Thomas u. Reiner

Richard Skelton- Verse of birds Album

01. DEEP TIME- clouds (ReinersLieblingslied aus 2012)
03. OMBRE- the nod
04. OREN AMBARCHI- sagittarian domain
05. NENEH CHERRY & THE THING- cashback
06. JULIA HOLTER- marienbad
07. RAIME- the last foundry
08. DICTAPHONE- rattle
09. DAMIEN JURADO- life away from the garden
10. ANDY STOTT- leaving
12. RICHARD YOUNGS- power come out
13. ROYAL BATHS- black sheep
14. DAMIEN JURADO- nothing is the news
15. TAME IMPALA- apocalypse dreams
16. PELT- spikes and ties
17. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- a thousand birds
18. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!- mladic (Joes Lieblingsplatte aus 2012)

Die Listen mit den Favoriten 2012:

01. TAME IMPALA- Lonerism (Modular)
02. ANDY STOTT- Luxury problems (Modern Love)
03. RAIME- Ouarter turns over a living line (Blackest Ever Black)
04. OMBRE- Believe you me (Asthmatic Kitty)
05. TY SEGALL- Twins (Drag City)
06. FLYING LOTUS- Until the quiet comes (Warp)
07. DEAN BLUNT- The nacissist II (Hippos in Tank)
08. GRIZZLY BEAR- Shields (Warp)
09. EVAN CAMINITI- dreamless sleep (Thrill Jockey)
10. JOZEF VAN WISSEM- The joy that never ends (Important)

01. DAMIEN JURADO- Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian)
02. EDDIE CURRENT S.R.- So many things (Goner 2011)
03. JULIA HOLTER- Extasis (Rving Intl.)
04. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- Ascent (Drag City)
05. DEERHOOF- Breakup song (Polyvinyl)
06. DEEP TIME- s/t (Hardly Art)
07. DUANE PITRE- Feel free (Important)
08. SONGS OF GREEN PHEASANT- Soft wounds (Rusted Rail)
09. TAME IMPALA- Lonerism (Modular)
10. WOODPECKER WOOLIAMS- The bird school of being human (Robot Elephant)

01. PELT- Effigy (MIE Music)
02. RICHARD YOUNGS- Amaranthine (MIE Music)
03. DICTAPHONE- Poems for a rooftop (Sonic Pieces)
04. OREN AMBARCHI- Sagittarian domain (Edition Mego)
05. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- Ascent (Drag City)
06. EVAN CAMINITI- Night dust (Immune)
07. GATE- Damned revolutions (Ultramarine)
08. VOLCANO THE BEAR- Golden rhythm/Ink music (Rune Grammophon)
09. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!- Allelujah! Don´t bend! Ascend! (Constellation)
10. CHEATER SLICKS- Reality is a grape (Columbus Discount)

01. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- Ascent (Drag City 2012)
02. ROYAL BATHS- Better luck next life (Kanine 2012)
03. DAMIEN JURADO- Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian 2012)
04. NENEH CHERRY & THE THING- The cherry thing (Smalltown Supersound 2012)
05. ZELIENOPLE- The world is a house on fire (Type 2012)
06. RICHARD SKELTON- Verse of birds (Corbel Stone Press 2012)
07. DEEP TIME- s/t (Hardly Art 2012)
08. TAME IMPALA- Lonerism (Modular 2012)
09. DEERHOOF- Breakup song (Polyvinyl 2012)
10. MOONSHINE BLUES- Through (Hidden Vibes Netlabel 2012)
11. FUSHITSUSHA- Mabushii itazura na inori (Heartfast 2012)
12. EVAN CAMINITI- Night dust (Immune 2012)
13. ALVARIUS B- s/t (Rerelease der DoLP von 1998, Abduction 2012)
14. DIRTY THREE- Toward the sun (Anchor & Hope 2012)
15. ANDREA BELFI- Wege (Room40 2012)
16. SONGS OF GREEN PHEASANT- Soft wounds (Rusted Rail 2012)
17. THE FLAMING LIPS- ...and Heady Fwends (Flaming Lips Records/Bella Union 2012)
18. SIMON JOYNER- Ghosts (Sing, Eunuchs! 2012)
19. ILYAS AHMED- With endless fire (Immune 2012)
20. GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!- Allelujah! Don´t bend! Ascend! (Constellation 2012)

"Drones! Alleluja! Geister! Liebe! und Hustenanfall!"

mit Martin S. und Reiner Bös


v.A. "The bird school of being human" (Robot Elephant 2012)
02. TIM HECKER & DANIEL LOPATIN- uptown psychedelica
beide v.A. "Instrumental tourist" (Software 2012)
04. JESSICA BAILIFF- your ghost
v.A. "At the down-turned jagged rim..." (Kranky 2012)
05. JON PORRAS- holy hex
v.A. "Orilla oscura" (Immune 2012)

v.A. "Alleluja! Don´t bend! Ascend!" (Constellation 2012)
07. JULIE DOIRON- our love
08. JULIE DOIRON- the only
beide v.A. "So many days" (Aporia 2012)
10. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- close to the sky
beide v.A. "Ascent" (Drag City 2012)

11. SHALABI EFFECT- born again lesbians
12. SHALABI EFFECT- a fine state of a fez
beide v.A. "Feign to delight gaiety of gods" (Annihaya 2012)
13. PELT- wings of dirt
v.A. "Effigy" (MIE 2012)
14. VOLCANO THE BEAR- baby photos
v.A. "Golden rhythm/ink music" (Rune Grammophon 2012)

15. ALVARIUS B- indian summer moon
16. ALVARIUS B- detergentleman
beide v.A. "s/t" (Abduction 2012)
17. GATE- turned and glowing inwardly
v.A. "Damned revolutions" (Submarine 2012)
17. BARDO POND- side to side
v.A. "Yntra" (Latitudes 2012)
18. ROB LOWE- m´bondo
v.A. "Timon irnok manta" (Type 2012)