Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: AINE O´DWYER- Locusts (Penultimate Records 2017)

01. THE FEELIES- gone, gone, gone
02. THE FEELIES- in between (reprise)
beide v.A. "In Between" (Bar/None 2017)
03. TIM DARCY- tall glass of water
04. TIM DARCY- you felt comfort
05. TIM DARCY- found my limit
alle v.A. "Saturday Night" (Jagjaguwar 2017)

06. ARBOURETUM- call upon the fire
07. ARBOURETUM- song of the rose
beide v.A. "Song Of The Rose" (Thrill Jockey 2017)
08. 75 DOLLAR BILL- cummin falls
09. 75 DOLLAR BILL- Beni said
beide v.A. "Wood/Metal/Plastic Pattern/Rhythm/Rock" (tak:til/Glitterbeat 2017)
10. BARDO POND- crossover
11. BARDO POND- under the pines
beide v.A. "Under The Pines" (Fire Records 2017)

12. MIND MELD- the blizzard
13. MIND MELD- the viper
14. MIND MELD- hole
alle v.A. "s/t" (Permanent Records 2017)
15. MOUNT EERIE- real death
16. MOUNT EERIE- toothbrush/trash
17. MOUNT EERIE- ravens
alle v.A. "A Crow Looked At Me" (P.W. Elverum &Sun Ltd 2017)
18. 1982- 07_56
19. 1982- 06_19
beide v.A. "Chromola" (Hubro 2017)

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös (180min.)

Unterlegmusik: TAPE LOOP ORCHESTRA- The invisibles (Other Ideas 2016)


01. GRAILS- tough guy
02. GRAILS- deep snow II
beide v.A. "Chalice Hymnal" (Temporary Residence 2017)
03. JOAN OF ARC- this must be the placenta
04. JOAN OF ARC- full moon and rainbo repair
05. JOAN OF ARC- ta-ta terrordome
alle v.A. "He´s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands" (Joyful Noise 2017)

06. YOUNG MOON- fell on my face
07. YOUNG MOON- compassion
beide v.A. "Colt" (Western Vinyl 2016)
08. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- adoration song
09. SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE- taken by ascent
alle v.A. "Burning The Threshold" (Drag City 2017)

11. XIU XIU- get up
12. XIU XIU- hay coco bananas
beide v.A. "Forget" (Altinvillage 2017)
13. HEXA- there never was
v.A. "Factory photographs" (Room40 2016)
14. LAWRENCE ENGLISH- hard rain
v.A. "Cruel Optimism" (Room40 2017)
15. WILLIAM BASINSKI- for David Robert Jones
v.A. "A Shadow In Time" (2062 2017)

16. OLIVIER ALARY- defeat
17. OLIVIER ALARY- nollywood
beide v.A. "Fiction_Non-Fiction" (130701 2017)
18. MICHEL BANABILA- close to the moon
v.A. "Sound Years" (Tapu Records 2017)
19. TAYLOR DEUPREE- minism
beide v.A. "Somi" (12K 2017)

22. A WINGED VICTORY FOR THE SULLEN- retour au champs de mars
beide v.A. "Iris" (Erased Tapes 2017)
23. BEN FROST- the wasp factory
24. BEN FROST- i see you´ve washed your hands again
25. BEN FROST- death no less
alle v.A. "The Wasp Factory" (Bedroom Community 2016)

27. MARCUS FJELLSTRÖM- hermitage
beide v.A. "Skelektikon" (Miasmah 2017)
29. VISIBLE CLOAKS- bloodstream
30. VISBILE CLOAKS- circle
alle v.A. "Reassemblage" (Rvng Intl. 2017)

"Neues aus dem Wasteland"

Unterlegmusik: ASUNA- Tide Ripples (Home Normal 2016)


01. THALIA ZADEK BAND- not farewell
v.A. "Eve" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
02. E- delicate fingers
03. E- candidate
beide v.A. "s/t" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
04. SLOTHRUST- horseshoe crab
05. SLOTHRUST- mud
beide v.A. "Everything Else" (Dangerbird 2016)

06. THE FLAMING LIPS- galaxy i sink
07. THE FLAMING LIPS- we a famly
08. THE FLAMING LIPS- space oddity (Bonus Track)
alle v.A. "Oczy Mlody" (Bella Union 2017)
09. OLIVIA LOUVEL- my crown
10. OLIVIA LOUVEL- Elisabeth song
beide v.A. "Data Regina" (Cat Werk Imprint 2017)

11. MYRA DAVIES- mobilis in mobili
v.A. "Sirens" (Moabit 2017)
12. WINTER FAMILY- archaic landscape
beide v.A. "South From Here" (Ici D´ailleurs 2017)
14. LES MARQUISES- vallées closes
v.A. "A Night Full Of Collapses" (Ici D´ailleurs 2017)
15. THE NECKS- blue mountain
v.A. "Unfold" (Ideologic Organ 2017)

16. CAN- vitamin c***
v.A. "Ege Bamyasi" (Spoon 1972)
17. ULAAN PASSERINE- sanahin
v.A. "Moth Cathedral" (Worstward Recordings 2016)

***Jacki Liebezeit- R.I.P. , verstorben am 22.01.17

Wasteland-Spezial: Die Lieblingsplatten 2016 mit Martin, Peter, Thomas und Reiner

Unterlegmusik: das Album von CHRIS ABRAHAMS- Climb (Vegetable Records)

Starter:  01. MONKEY PLOT- a modest peach can

Die Top3-Platten:
02. E- the archer (ausgewählt von Martin)
03. YVES TUMOR- broke in (Peter)
04. RYLEY WALKER- a choir apart (Thomas)
05. SKADEDYR- bie (Reiner)

Die Top2-Platten:
06. ONEIDA & RHYS CATHAM- you get brighter (Martin)
07. OMNI- plane (Peter)
08. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- contain (astoria version) (Thomas)
09. HERON OBLIVION- beneath fields (Reiner)

Die Top1-Platten:
10. OREN AMBARCHI- part 3 (Martin)
11. MARCHING CHURCH- inner city pigeon (Peter)
12. BY THE WATERHOLE- the end of it all (Thomas)
13. RYLEY WALKER- age old tale (Reiner)

Ausgewählte Songs von weiteren Lieblingsplatten:
14. BADBADNOTGOOD- hysopp of love (Peter)
15. VULFPECK- the beautiful game (Thomas)
16. MV & EE- i wanna see u far away (Martin)
17. HUDSON BELL- B.A. stranger (Reiner)

Die Lieblingsplatten 2016 in Listenform:

Martins Lieblinge
01. OREN AMBARCHI- Hubris (Editions Mego)
02. ONEIDA & RHYS CATHAM- What´s your sign (Northern Sky)
03. E- s/t (Thrill Jockey)
04. ROY MONTGOMERY- Tropic of anodyne (Grapefruit)
05. MV & EE- Root/void (Woodsist)
06. RADIAN- on dark silent off (Thrill Jockey)
07. RHYTON- Navigating by starlight (MIE)
08. SILENCE- Nine suns, one morning (Drag City)
09. THE MEN- Devil music (We are the Men)
10. CHRIS FORSYTH- The rarity of experience (No Quarter)

Peters Lieblinge:
1. Marching Church – Telling it like it is (Sacred Bones)
2. Omni – Deluxe (Trouble in Mind)
3. Yves Tumor – Serpent Music (Pan)
4. Andy Stott – Too many voices (Modern Love)
5. BadBadNotGood – IV (Innovative Leisure)
6. Nicolas Jaar – Sirens (Other People)
7. Jenny Hval – Blood Bitches (Sacred Bones)
8. Archy Marshall – A New Place 2Drown (XL Recordings)
9. SeekersInternational – Ragga Preservation Society EP (Diskotopia)
10. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Ears (Western Vinyl)

1. By The Waterhole - Two (Playdate Records)
2. Ian William Craig - Centres (FatCat)
3. Ryley Walker- Golden Sings That Have Been Sung (Dead Oceans)
4. Deerhoof - The Magic (Altin Village & Mine)
5. Jenny Hval - Blood Bitch (Sacred Bones)
6. Trupa Trupa- Headache (Ici D´ailleurs)
7. Soft Grid – Corolla (Antime)
8. Grumbling Fur – Furfour (Thrill Jockey)
9. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Ears (Western Vinyl)
10. Skadedyr – Culturen (Hubro)

Reiners Lieblinge:
1. RYLEY WALKER- golden sings that have been sung (Dead Oceans)
2. HERON OBLIVION- s/t (Sub Pop)

3. SKADEDYR- culturen (Hubro)

4. ERLEND APNESETH TRIO- det andre rommet (Hubro)

5. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- centres (FatCat)
6. HUDSON BELL- yerba Buena (
7. CHRISTIAN WALLUMROD ENSEMBLE- kurzsam und fulger (Hubro)
8. BRACKEN- high passes (Home Assembly Music)
9. CHRIS COHEN- as if apart (Captured Tracks)
10. THE DRONES- feelin kinda free (TFS Records)

11. GRUMBLING FUR- furfour (Thrill Jockey)
12. MONKEY PLOT- here I sit knowing all of this (Hubro)
13. GOAT- requiem (Rocket Recordings)
14. ROY MONTGOMERY- RMHQ (Grapefruit)
15. BY THE WATERHOLE- two (Playdate)
16. RADIAN- on dark silent off (Thrill Jockey)
17. DEERHOOF- the magic (Polyvinyl)
18. TIM HECKER- love streams (4AD)
19. KAITLYN AURELIA SMITH- ears (Western Vinyl)
20. ULAAN PASSERINE- moth cathedral (Worstward)

Neuheiten mit Paul S. und Reiner Bös

G. Tazartès, Romanczuk, Zaleski- Carp´s Head (Monotype 2016)


01. HUDSON BELL- in a ball
02. HUSON BELL- love everybody
03. HUDSON BELL- hey doll
alle v.A. "Yerba Buena" (, 2016)
04. PSYCHIC ILLS- another change
05. PSYCHIC ILLS- confusion (i´m alright)
beide v.A. "Inner Journey Out" (Sacred Bones 2016)

06. THE GASLAMP KILLER- warm wind
07. THE GASLAMP KILLER- gammalaser kill
beide v.A. "Instrumentalepathy" (Cuss! Records 2016)
08. XYLOURIS WHITE- black peak
09. XYLOURIS WHITE- erotokritos
beide v.A. "Black Peak" (Bella Union 2016)
10. GARETH DICKSON- the big lie
11. GARETH DICKSON- atmosphere
beide v.A. "Orwell Court" (Discolexique 2016)
12. DANNY PAUL GRODY- mineral springs
v.A. "States- Sketch for Winter VI" (Geographic North 2016)

13. MICHAEL JACKSON- tabloid junkie -------- ausgewählt von Paul
v.A. "HIStory: Past, present and future, Book I" (Epic 1995)

15. CHRIS KNOX- we hate you
beide v. Compilation-Tape "KnoxTraxFine" (Thokei Tapes 2016)
16. KANE STRANG- the web
17. KANE STRANG- things are never simple
18. KANE STRANG- full moon, hungry sun
alle v.A. "Blue Cheese" (Flying Nun 2016)

19. NEW GUM SARN- money talks
20. NEW GUM SARN- new gold mountain
beide v.A. "New Golden Mountain" (Spunk 2015)
21. FEATURES- city scenes
v.A. "X Features" (Flying Nun 2016)
22. ALDOUS HARDING- stop your tears
23. ALDOUS HARDING- hunter
beide v.A. "s/t" (Lyttelton Records 2014)

Nächste Sendung: 06.01.17- Die Lieblingsplatten aus 2016 mit Gästen

Neuerscheinungen mit Reiner und Sidekick Thomas

ELECTRIC SEWER AGE- Bad white corpuscle (Hallow Ground 2016)

01. BLY DE BLYANT- lat-lo
02. BLY DE BLYANT- forty
beide v.A. "The third Bly de Blyant Album" (Hubro 2016)
beide v.A. "Kurzsam and fulger" (Hubro 2016)
05. MONKEY PLOT- a modest peach can
06. MONKEY PLOT- the couriers
beide v.A. "Here I sit, knowing all of this" (Hubro 2016)

07. THE SWEET RELEASE OF DEATH- post everything
beide v.A. "s/t" (Katzwijm Records 2016)
09. MOON RELAY- >--)
v.A. "Full stop etc." (Hubro 2016)
10. GEIR SUNDSTOL- langen ro
v.A. "Langen Ro" (Hubro 2016)
11. WILL SAMSON- antepassado
12. WILL SAMSON- you are an ocean
beide v.A. "Lua" (12K 2016)

13. RESINA- tatry I
v.A. "s/t" (130701 2016)
14. ROY MONTGOMERY- riding***
15. ROY MONTGOMERY- tropic of anodyne*
16. ROY MONTGOMERY- six guitar salute for Peter Gutteridge**
17. ROY MONTGOMERY- hanging melody*
18. ROY MONTGOMERY- slow heroes**
* v.A. "Tropic of anodyne"
** v.A. "Darkmotif dancehall"
*** v.A. "Transient global amnesia" (alle Grapefruit 2016)

Nächste Sendung am 30.12.16

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Sidekick Thomas und Reiner

Unterlegmusik: KIM MYHR- Bloom (Hubro 2016)

01. TRUPA TRUPA- wasteland
02. TRUPA TRUPA- the sky is falling
03. TRUPA TRUPA- give´em all
04. TRUPA TRUPA- headache
alle v.A. "Headache" (Ici D´ailleurs 2016)

05. GOAT- djrorolen
06. GOAT- union of sun and moon
07. GOAT- i sing in silence
08. GOAT- try my ride
alle v.A. "Requiem" (Rocket Recordings 2016)
v.A. "Mirage" (Rocket Recordings 2016)

10. SOFT GRID- herzog on a bus
11. SOFT GRID- corolla
beide v.A. "Corolla" (Antime 2016)
12. RADIAN- pickup pickout
13. RADIAN- on dark silent off
beide v.A. "On dark silent off" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
14. PLY- tapis perses
v.A. "Sans cesse" (Warm 2016)

15. JENNY HVAL- ritual awakening
16. JENNY HVAL- female vampire
17. JENNY HVAL- the great undressing
18. JENNY HVAL- secret touch
alle v.A. "Blood bitch" (Sacred Bones 2016)
19. GRUMBLING FUR- heavy days
v.A. "Furfour" (Thrill Jockey 2016)