Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: Alastair Galbraith, Russ Young


beide v.A. "Schemen" (Karlrecords 2023)
03. ALL HANDS-MAKE LIGHT- the sons and daughters of poor eternal
alle v.A. "Darling The Dawn" (Constellation 2023)
06. ELISABETH KLINCK- for Wilma Nikunne
07. ELISABETH KLINCK- berceuse
alle v.A. "Picture A Frame" (Hallow Ground 2023)

08. RUSS YOUNG- Clara
09. RUSS YOUNG- a listening voice
beide v.A. "Cloak" (Audiobulb 2023)
10. BETWEEN- paused
11. BETWEEN- pushed
beide v.A. "Low Flying Owls" (12k 2023)
v.A. "s/t" (

13. CRAVEN FAULTS- severals
14. CRAVEN FAULTS- odda delf
beide v.A. "Standers" (Leaf Label 2023)
15. LOW- long long long
v. 7" "Joan of Arc" (Tugboat 1998)*
16. SPENCER CULLUM´S COIN COLLECTION- betwixt and between
beide v.A. "Spencer Cullum´s Coin Collection 2" (Full Time Hobby 2023)**

* R.I.P. Mimi Parker
** ausgewählt von Thomas

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: REFREE- El Espacio Entre (Glitterbeat 2023)


01. THE DECLINING WINTER- the darkening way
02. THE DECLINING WINTER- song of the moor fire
03. THE DECLINING WINTER- project row houses
alle v.A. "Really Early, Really Late" (Home Assembly Music 2023)
04. DEATHCRASH- pirouette
05. DEATHCRASH- empty heavy
06. DEATHCRASH- turn
alle v.A. "Less" (Untitled 2023)

07. CODEINE- barely real
v. EP "Barely Real" (Sub Pop 1992)
08. SEAM- sweet pea
v. EP "Kernel" (City Slang 1993)

09. WEDNESDAY- bath county
10. WEDNESDAY- TV in the gas pump
11. WEDNESDAY- hot rotten grass smell
12. WEDNESDAY- formula one
alle v. A. "Rat Saw God" (Dead Oceans 2023)**

13. LOW- monkey***
v.A. "The Great Destroyer" (Rough Trade 2004)

14. DEERHOOF- my lovely cat!
15. DEERHOOF- the poignant melody
16. DEERHOOF- everybody, marvel
alle v.A. "Miracle-Level" (Joyful Noise 2023)

17. AROOJ AFTAB- to remain/to return
v.A. "Love In Exile" (Verve 2023)**
18. OGIVES- patience I-II
19. OGIVES- mighty pumpkin
beide v.A. "La Mémoire Des Orages" (Sub Rosa 2023)

**ausgewählt von Thomas
***R.I.P. Mimi Parker

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 12.05.23

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: RUSS YOUNG- Cloak (Audiobulb 2023)


01. NYTE SKYE- dream state
02. NYTE SKYE- guided by a hand
beide v.A. "Vanishing" (Sonic Ritual 2023)
03. AVEY TARE- lips at night
04. AVEY TARE- neurons
beide v.A. "7s" (Domino 2023)
05. THIS IMMORTAL COIL- where are you?
06. THIS IMMORTAL COIL- going up
beide v.A. "The World Ended A Long Time Ago" (Ici D´Ailleurs 2022)

07. THE DECLINING WINTER- really early, really late
v.A. "Really Early, Really Late" (Home Assembly Music 2023)
08. HOOD- home is where it hurts
v. EP "Home Is Where It Hurts" (Domino 2001)
09. BRACKEN- 4
10. BRACKEN- 6
beide v.A. "Raking Light" (


11. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- a flash in the pan
12. MEGAN ALICE CLUNE- mountaineer
alle v.A. "Furtive Glances" (Room40 2023)
14. SIMON SCOTT- the black fens
15. SIMON SCOTT- whittlesea mere
beide v.A. "Long Drove" (Room40 2023)
16. MATT RÖSNER- ripples on time
17. MATT RÖSNER- pulled back together
beide v.A. "Empty, Expanding, Collapsing" (Room40 2023)
18. ojeRum- vagnende jeg ser de dode
19. SCANNER- sleeping, I´m blind to life (Drifting Variation)
beide v.A. "Vagnende Jeg Ser De Dode" (Room40)

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 28.04.23

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.


01. THE NECKS- signal
02. THE NECKS- blood stream
beide v.A. "Travel" (Northern Spy 2023)
03. CHRIS ABRAHAMS- costume
v.A. "Follower" (Room40 2022)
04. MARTINA BERTONI- from e to w
05. MARTINA BERTONI- hemisphere
beide v.A. "Hypnagogia" (Karlrecords 2023)

06. CHRISTOPH DAHLBERG- Der Sand in den Urnen
08. CHRISTOPH DAHLBERG- heaven and hell
alle v.A. "Blackforms" (Teleskop Musikproduktion 2022)

09. REFREE- la plage
10. REFREE- lamentos de un dia cualquiera
11. REFREE- la radio en la cocina
12. REFREE- todo el mundo quiere irse ya
13. REFREE- casc i pluja
alle v.A. "El Espacio Entre" (Tak:Til/Glitterbeat 2023)

14. LOW- the lamb**
v.A. "Trust" (Kranky 2002)
15. TELEVISION- marquee moon (live)***
v.A. "The Blow-Up" (Roir 1982)

16. ARBOR LABOR UNION- hovering stone
17. ARBOR LABOR UNION- always wear your shadow hat
alle v.A. "Yonder" (Somophore Lounge 2023)
19. THE BLACK ANGELS- history of the future
20. THE BLACK ANGELS- empires falling
21. THE BLACK ANGELS- el jardin
alle v.A. "Wilderness of mirrors" (Partisan Records 2022)

**R.I.P Mimi Parker
*** R.I.P. Tom Verlaine

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 17.03.23

Wasteland-Spezial- Die Lieblingsalben 2022 mit Martin, Peter, Thomas und Reiner

Unterlegmusik: JEFF PARKER- Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy Album (Aguirre Records 2022)

01. COLA- mint (Warmmacher-Song)

Die Top3-Alben:
02. PANDA BEAR & SONIC BOOM- edge of the edge (ausgewählt von Martin)
03. ULLA- sad face (a. v. Peter)
04. DOMI & JD BECK- take a chance (a.v. Thomas)
05. HORSEGIRL-Billy (a.v. Reiner)

Die Top2-Alben:
06. HAMMERED HULLS- needleprint tiger (Martin)
07. BIG THIEF- simulation swarm (Peter)
08. ANTELOPER- earthlings (Thomas)
09. ALDOUS HARDING- passion babe (Reiner)

Die Lieblingsalben:
10. BILL CALLAHAN- partition (Martin)
11. THE ORIELLES- beam/s (Peter)
12. MICE PARADE- eisa dancers (Thomas)
13. KIM MYHR- move the rolling sky (Reiner)

Auch super aus 2022:
14. WHATEVER THE WEATHER- 17 degrees (Peter)
15. MABE FRATTI- desde el cielo (Thomas)
16. SOULSIDE- rediscovery (Martin)
17. AMBARCHI, BERTHLING, WERLIIN- I (Martin, Thomas, Reiner)

Die Lieblingsplatten aufgelistet:

01. The Orielles – Tableau (Heavenly)
02. Big Thief – Dragon new warm mountain I believe in you (4AD)
03. Ulla – Foam (3XL)
04. Leland Whitty – Anyhow (Innovative Leisure)
05. Whatever The Weather – Whatever the Weather (Ghostly International)
06. PVA – Blush (Ninja Tune)
07. Panda Bear & Sonic Boom – Reset (Domino)
08. Cate Le Bon – Pompeii (Mexican Summer)
09. Moin – Paste (AD 93)
10. Augenwasser – The big swim (Bongo Joe)

01. BILL CALLAHAN- Reality (Drag City)
02. HAMMERED HULLS- Careering (Dischord)
03. PANDA BEAR & SONIC BOOM- Reset (Domino)
04. SOULSIDE- A brief moment in the sun (Dischord)
05. COLA- Deep in view (Fire Talk)
06. OREN AMBARCHI- Shebang (Drag City)
07. THURSTON MOORE- Screen time (Southern)
08. ONEIDA- Success (Joyful Noise)
09. PAN AMERICAN- Patience fader (Kranky)
10. ONE ELEVEN HEAVY- Poolside (Kith & Kin)

01. MICE PARADE- Lapapo (Bubblecore)
02. ANTELOPER- Pink Dolphins (International Anthem)
03. DOMI & JD BECK- Not tight (Blue Note)
04. CAROLINE- s/t (Rough Trade)
05. MABE FRATTI- Se ve desde aqui (Tin Angel)
06. RICHARD DAWSON- The Ruby chord (Domino)
07. ALDOUS HARDING- Warm Chris (4AD)
08. PAINTING- Painting is dead (Antime)
09. KATHRYN JOSEPH- For you who are wronged (Rock Action)
10. KIM MYHR- Sympathetic magic (Hubro)

1. KIM MYHR- Sympathetic magic (Hubro 2022)
2. ALDOUS HARDING- Warm Chris (4AD 2022)
3. HORSEGIRL- Versions of modern performance (Matador 2022)
4. COLA- Deep in view (Fire Talk 2022)
5. JEFF PARKER- Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy (Aguirre Records 2022)
6. BILL ORCUTT- Music for four guitars (Palilalia Records 2022)
7. BRIAN HARNETTY- Words And silences (Winesap Records 2022)
8. CAROLINE- s/t (Rough Trade 2022)
9. EL KHAT- Albat Awai (Glitterbeat 2022)
10. E- Any information (Silver Rocket 2022)

11. STEVE RODEN- Stars of ice (Room40)
12. AGATE ROLLINGS- Meantime/Elsewhere (Midira 2022)
13. ONEIDA- Success (Joyful Noise 2022)
14. THE GARBAGE AND THE FLOWERS- Cinnamon Sea (Grapefruit 2022)
15. MARISA ANDERSON- Still, here (Thrill Jockey 2022)
16. KATHRYN JOSEPH-For you are the wronged (Rock Action 2022)
17. THE BLACK ANGELS- Wilderness of mirrors (Partisan Records 2022)
18. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- What on earth (Nahal Recordings/Sub Rosa 2022)
19. AMBARCHI, BERTHLING, WERLIIN- Ghosted (Drag City 2022)
20. POST OFFICE WINTER- Music Box (9733 2022)

21. SIMON JOYNER- Songs from a stolen guitar (Grapefruit/BB*Island 2022)
22. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- Music for Magnesium_173 (Fatcat 2022)
23. STEVEN R. SMITH- Spring (Soft Abuse 2022)
24. RUBIN HENKEL- Restless (7K! 2022)
25. COREY FULLER & RICHARD SKELTON- Isolarii (Thesis 2022)

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 03.03.23

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: BRAD E. ROSE- Annular Silhouettes (Room40 2022)


01. JEFF PARKER- 2019-07-08 I
v.A. "Mondays at the Enfield Tennis Academy" (Aguirre Records 2022)
02. MARISA ANDERSON- the low country
03. MARISA ANDERSON- night air
alle v.A. "Still, here" (Thrill Jockey 2022)
05. KATHRYN JOSEPH- what is keeping you alive...
06. KATHRYN JOSEPH-for you are the wronged
beide v.A. "For you who are the wronged" (Rock Action 2022)

07. FLORIST- 43
08. FLORIST- Bells Pt. 2
09. FLORIST- River´s bed
alle v.A. "s/t" (Double Double Whammy 2022)
10. POST OFFICE WINTER- the premiere!
12. POST OFFICE WINTER- how to build a boat
alle v.A. "Music Box" (

13. NATALIA LAFOURCADE- vine solita
14. NATALIA LAFOURCADE- de todas las flores
beide v.A. "De todas las flores" (Sony Music 2022)***
15. LOW- no comprende
v.A. "Ones and Sixes" (Sub Pop 2015)*

16. THE CLEAN- are you really on drugs?
17. THE CLEAN- in the dreamlife u need a rubber soul
beide v.A. "Mr.Pop" (Moor Music 2009)**
18. ROY MONTGOMERY- courtship caught fleetingly
19. ROY MONTGOMERY- aura of the afterlife 3
beide v.A. "Camera melancholia" (Grapefruit 2022)

*in Erinnerung an Mimi Parker (1967-2022)
**in Erinnerung an Hamish Kilgour (1957-2022)
***ausgewählt von Thomas

Nächste Wasteland-Sendung am 10.02.23: Die Lieblingsalben aus 2022

Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös und Sidekick Thomas S.

Unterlegmusik: STEVE FORS- It´s nothing, but still (Hallow Ground 2022)


01. HAMMERED HULLS- rights and reproduction
02. HAMMERED HULLS- abstract city
beide v.A. "Careening" (Dischord Records 2022)
03. HORSE LORDS- zero degree machine
04. HORSE LORDS- may brigade
beide v.A. "Comradely Objects" (RVNG Intl. 2022)
05. GILLA BAND- post Ryan
06. GILLA BAND- eight fivers
beide v.A. "Most Normal" (Rough Trade 2022)***

07. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- black elephant
08. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- voodoo spinning
09. OISEAUX-TEMPETE- a man alone (in a one man poem)
alle v.A. "What On Earth" (Nahal Recordings/Sub Rosa 2022)
10. GOAT- under no nation
11. GOAT- chukua pesa
beide v.A. "Oh Death" (Rocket Recordings 2022)

12. RICHARD DAWSON- museum
13. RICHARD DAWSON- thicker than water
beide v.A. "The Ruby Chord" (Domino 2022)
v. 12" "Admonishing the Bishops" (Matador 1993/Bulbous Monocle 2022)
15. THINKING FELLERS UNION LOCAL 282- the piston and the shaft
v.A. "Strangers from the universe" (Matador 1994/Bulbous Monocl 2022)

16. LOW- murderer
17. LOW- dust on the window
18. LOW- hatchet
alle v.A. "Drums and Guns" (Sub Pop 2007)

***ausgewählt von Thomas

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