Neues aus dem Wasteland mit Reiner Bös

mit dabei Thomas S. als Kommentator

Das Album von THE NECKS- vertigo (RER Megacorp 2015)

01. HALMA- deep white
v.A. "Granular" (Kapitän Platte 2015)
02. TORTOISE- the catastrophist
03. TORTOISE- rock on
04. TORTOISE- hot coffee
alle v.A. "The Catastrophist" (Thrill Jockey 2016)
05. SURF CITY- beat the summer heat
06. SURF CITY- jekyll island
beide v.A. "Jekyll Island" (Fire Records 2015)

07. HELVETIA- bermuda
08. HELVETIA- the rubbermaids
09. HELVETIA- a dot running for the dust
alle v.A. "Dromomania" (Joyful Noise 2015)
10. WILL JOHNSON- the watchman
v.A. "Swan City Vampyres" (Labelman 2015)
11. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- death to everyone
12. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY- stable will
beide v.A. "Pond Scum" (Drag City 2016)
13. PALACE SONGS- stable will
v. 7" "Stable will/horses" (Drag City 1994)

14. DAVE HEUMANN- here in the deep
v.A. "Here in the deep" (Thrill Jockey 2015)
15. UNITED SOUNDS OF JOY- wounded moon
v.A. "s/t" (Bronzecat 2016)
16. AINE O´DWYER- we plough the fields and scatter
17. AINE O´DWYER- "deep sound" invocation
18. AINE O´DWYER- hymn of memory
alle v.A. "Music for church cleaners I & II" (MIE Music)

19. aMUTE- you´re free now!
20. aMUTE- stay as you are
beide v.A. "Bending time in waves" (Humpty Dumpty 2016)
21. RAFAEL ANTON IRISARRI- persistence
beide v.A. "A fragile geography" (Room40 2015)

"Wasteland-Lieblinge 2015" mit
Peter, Martin, Thomas und Reiner

DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- vertical land (Album, Village Green)

01. SKYDIVE TRIO- bravo ---Eröffnungssong

Die Top-3
02. LA LUZ- i wanna be alone with you (Peter)
03. HENRY THREADGILL´s ZOOID- same as album title (Martin)
04. MOUNT EERIE- boat (Thomas)
05. ZELIENOPLE- don´t stop until you die (Reiner)

Die Top-2
06. RIVAL CONSOLES- looming
07. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- the people's history
08. RYLEY WALKER- primrose green
09. ROB ST. JOHN- surface tension

Die Top-1
10. LUBOMYR MELNYK- the pool of memories
11. TOM CARTER- carvedilol cowboy
12. SUFJAN STEVENS- should have known better
13. RYLEY WALKER- same minds

Ausgewählte Lieblingslieder/weitere tolle Alben:
14. JENNY HJVAL- heaven (Peter)
15. WOLF EYES- enemy ladder (Martin)
16. OUMOU SANGARE- ah ndiya (Thomas)
17. BEIRUT- gibraltar (Polly u. Reiner)
18. LYDIA LUNCH/BIG SEXY NOISE - devil's working overtime (Martin)
19. SPACE SIREN- zachies (Thomas)

Die Listen mit den Lieblingsplatten:


1. Sufjan Stevens- Carrie & Lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)
2. Ryley Walker- Primrose green (Dead Oceans)
3. Mount Eerie- Sauna (P.W. Elvrum...)
4. Joanna Newsom- Divers (Drag City)
5. Eleventh Dream Day- Works for tomorrow (Thrill Jockey)
6. Rob St. John- Surface Tension (Bandcamp)
7. Space Siren/Wolvon/Zea- Songs for a dead pilot (Makkum)
8. Ought- sun coming down (Constellation)
9. Sleaford Mods- Key markets (Harbinger Sound)
10. Zelienople- Show us the fire (Immune)

1. Lubomyr Melnyk – Rivers & Streams (Erased Tapes)
2. Rival Consoles – Howl (Erased Tapes)
3. La Luz – Weirdo Shrine (Hardly Art)
4. Eric Chenaux – Skull Splitter (Constellation)
5. Jenny Hval – Apocalypse, girl (Sacred Bones)
6. Julia Holter – Have you in my wilderness (Domino)
7. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Collaborative Works (Erased Tapes)
8. Ultimate Paintings – Green Lanes (Trouble in Mind)
9. Jamie XX – In Colour (Young Turks)
10. Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)

1. Tom Carter - Long Time Underground (Three Lobed 2015)
2. Eleventh Dream Day - Works For Tomorrow (Thrill Jockey 2015)
3. Henry Threadgill's Zooid - In For A Penny, In For A Pound (Pi Records 2015)
4. Wolf Eyes - I Am A Problem: Mind In Pieces (Third Man Records 2015)
5. F/I - Cosmic Assassin (Psych KG 2015)
6. MV a. EE - Alpine Frequencies (Feeding Tube Records 2015)
7. Hagerty-Toth Band - Qualgebra (Three Lobed 2015)
8. Kinski - 7 (or 8) (KIll Rock Stars 2015)
9. Low - Ones And Sixes (Sub Pop 2015)
10. Sightings - Amusers And Puzzlers (Dais 2015)

01. RYLEY WALKER- primrose green (Dead Oceans)
02. ROB ST. JOHN- surface tension (bandcamp)
03. ZELIENOPLE- show us the fire (Immune)
04. SUFJAN STEVENS- carrie & lowell (Asthmatic Kitty)
05. ULAAN KHOL- salt + light in dust (Soft Abuse)
06. D. BAYNE- meditation on present time (Luminescence)
07. BLOOD WARRIOR- letter ghost (Immune)
08. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- cradle for the wanting (Recital)
09. HUNTSVILLE- pond (Hubro)
10. TOM CARTER- long time underground (3lobed Recordings)
11. SIR RICHARD BISHOP- tangier sessions (Drag City)
12. LABFIELD- bucket of songs (Hubro)
13. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- works for tomorrow (Thrill Jockey)
14. BEIRUT- no no no (4AD)
15. DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- vertical land (Village Green)
16. DANIEL BACHMAN- river (3lobed Recordings)
17. AINE O´DWYER- music for church cleaners I&II (MIE)
18. FLYING SAUCER ATTACK- instrumentals (Domino)
19. GEIR SUNDSTOL- furulund (Hubro)
20. HEATHER LEIGH- i abused animal (Ideologic Organ)

mit Reiner Bös


01. DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- a thumbnail sketch of infinity
02. DAVID JOHN SHEPPARD- vortex on a string
beide v.A. "Vertical land" (Village Green 2015)
03. SNOW PALMS- white sea
v..A. "Intervals" (Village Green 2012)
04. BEN CHATWIN- sirius
v.A. "The sleeper awakes" (Village Green 2015)
05. THE ISLAND BAND- like swimming
06. THE ISLAND BAND- the shore/waves in the morning
beide v.A. "Like swimming" (Hubro 2015)

07. D.BAYNE- metra locomotive, Ravenswood Station
08. D.BAYNE- the french quarter
v.A. "Meditations on present time" (Luminescence 2015)
09. ERIK ESPEN TRIO- in the mountains
beide v.A. "Never ending january" (Rune Gramophon 2015)

11. JOANNA NEWSOM- leaving the city
v.A. "Divers" (Drag City 2015)
12. JESSICA PRATT- jacqueline in the background
v.A. "On our own love again" (Drag City 2015)
13. HEATHER LEIGH- the return
v.A. "I abused animal" (Ideologic Organ 2015)
14. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- each all in another all
15. IAN WILLIAM CRAIG- empty, circle, tremble
beide v.A. "Cradle for the wanting" (Recital 2015)

16. FLYING SAUCER ATTACK- instrumental 7
v.A. "Instrumentals 2015" (Domino/Drag City 2015)
17. ULAAN KHOL- from there to here
v.A. "Salt" (Soft Abuse 2015)
18. KINSKI- detroit trickle down
19. KINSKI- flight risk
beide v.A. "7 (or 8)" (Kill Rockstars 2015)

Nächste Sendung am 15.01.16- die Lieblingsplatten aus 2015

"Neues aus dem Wasteland- ohne Joe für Joe, R.I.P."

mit Reiner Bös


01. THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO- all tomorrow´s parties
v.A. "s/t" (Verve 1967) ... zum Gedenken an Joe

02. ZELIENOPLE- don´t stop until you die
03. ZELIENOPLE- sun in the eyes
beide v.A. "Show us the fire" (Immune Recordings 2015)
04. THE SCHWARZENBACH- leider bin ich tot
05. THE SCHWARZENBACH- Gesicht freihändig
beide v.A. "Nicht sterben.Aufpassen." (Staubgold 2015)

06. SONIC YOUTH- schizophrenia
v.A. "Sister" (SST 1987) ... zum Gedenken an Joe

07. GUN OUTFIT- worldly way
08. GUN OUTFIT- in orbit
09. GUN OUTFIT- blue hour
alle v.A. "Dream all over" (Paradise of Bachelors 2015)
10. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- vanishing point
11. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- works for tomorrow
12. ELEVENTH DREAM DAY- end with me
alle v.A. "Works for tomorrow" (Thrill Jockey 2015)

13. RIVULETS- one i was a handsome man
v.A. "I remember everything" (Jellyfant 2014) ... zum Gedenken an Joe

14. GEIR SUNDSTOL- furulund
15. GEIR SUNDSTOL- punsj
beide v.A. "Furulund" (Hubro 2015)
16. SPLASHGIRL- bleak warm future
17. SPLASHGIRL- rounds
beide v.A. "Hibernation" (Hubro 2015)

18. A.R. & MACHINES- Globus
v.A. "Die grüne Reise" (Polydor 1971) ... zum Gedenken an Joe

19. VOLCANO THE BEAR- Ah, ah, ah, ah- um cha check
20. VOLCANO THE BEAR- chair: the musical
20. VOLCANO THE BEAR- burnt seer
alle von der Retrospektive "Commencing" (Miasmah 2015)

beide v.A. "Now I got worry" (Matador 1996) ... zum Gedenken an Joe

"Machtdose im Wasteland"

mit Roderik Becker und Reiner Bös


01. OUGHT- sun´s coming down
v.A. "Sun coming down" (Constellation 2015)
02. BATTLES- FF Bada
03. BATTLES- non-violence
04. BATTLES- dot com
alle v.A. "La Di Da Di! (Warp 2015)
05. ELEPHANT9 with REINE FISKE- occidentali
06. ELEPHANT9 with REINE FISKE- you are the sunshine of my life
beide v.A. "Silver mountain" (Rune Gramofon 2015)

07. RHOB CUNNINGHAM- The Numbers
08. RHOB CUNNINGHAM- On the Day Leaving
v. A. "Last Ditch Innovations of a Falling Man" (bandcamp)
v.A. "The Window and Day" (self-released)
10. VILLAGERS- darling arithmetic
v.A. "Darling arithmetic" (Domino 2015)
11. LISA HANNINGAN- Paper House
v.A. "Passenger" (Hoop Records 2012)

12. JOAN SHELLEY- over and even
14. JOAN SHELLEY- Jenny come in
beide v.A. "Over and even" (No Quarter 2015)
13. AIDAN KNIGHT- Dream Team
v.A. "Small reveal" (Outside Music 2012)
v.A. "Fan chosen covers 4" (
v.A. "Still feel gone" (Rockville 1991)

v. EP "Home economics" (DFA 2015)
17. ROYAL HEADACHE- in my own fantasy
beide v.A. "High" (What´s Your Rupture? 2015)
19. ANGEL DERADOORIAN- a beautiful woman
v.A. "The expanding flower planet" (Anticon 2015)
20. THE SCHWARZENBACH- zarte Blüte Hass
v.A. "Nicht Sterben. Aufpassen" (Staubgold 2015)

"There is no casino in the wasteland- 3 Stunden Wasteland!!!!"

mit Reiner Bös


01. N.LANNON- kill all these machines
02. N.LANNON- endless night
beide v.A. "Falling inside" (Badman 2015)
03. LOW- gentle
04. LOW- no comprendre
beide v.A. "Ones and sixes" (Sub Pop 2015)
05. BLOOD WARRIOR- letter
06. BLOOD WARRIOR- you were
07. BLOOD WARRIOR- desolate ways
alle v.A. "Letter ghost" (Immune 2015)

08. BEIRUT- no no no
09. BEIRUT- August Holland
10. BEIRUT- at once
alle v.A. "No no no" (4AD 2015)
11. RYLEY WALKER- primrose green
12. RYLEY WALKER- the high road
13. RYLEY WALKER- sweet satisfaction
alle v.A. "Primrose green" (Dead Oceans 2015)

14. TIM BUCKLEY- no man can find the war
v.A. "Goodbye and hello" (Elektra 1967)
15. JOSÉ GONZALEZ- with the ink of a ghost
v.A. "Vestiges & claws" (Peacefrog 2015)
16. THE LAST HURRAH!- okay
17. THE LAST HURRAH!- fairweather friend
beide v.A. "Mudflowers" (Rune Grammophon 2015)
18. ERLAND DAHLEN- snake
beide v.A. "Blossom bells" (Hubro 2015)

20. OUGHT- beautiful blue sky
21. OUGHT- men for miles
beide v.A. "Sun coming down" (Constellation 2015)
22. THE EX- suction prints
23. THE EX- Lied der Steinklopfer
24. THE EX- every sixth is cracked
alle v.A. "The Ex at Bimhuis 1991-2015" (Ex Records 2015)
25. BRUTTER- geigered
v.A. "s/t" (Hubro 2015)

27. SIMON JOYNER- Jefferson Reed
28. SIMON JOYNER- old days
alle v.A. "Grass, branch & bone" (Woodsist 2015)
29. ILYAS AHMED- come on
30. ILYAS AHMED- i need to fix my body...
31. ILYAS AHMED- closer tonight
alle v.A. "I am all your own" (Immune 2015)

Wasteland-Spezial: Rowland S. Howard (24.10.59 - 30.12.09)
mit Diego und Reiner

HUNGRY GHOSTS- alone, alone (Smells Like Records 2000)
THE DIRTY THREE- toward the low sun (Drag City 2012)

01. YOUNG CHARLATANS- shivers (Demo 1977)
02. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR- the voice
v.A. "Door, Door" (Mushroom 1978)
03. THE BOYS NEXT DOOR- the friend catcher
v.A. "The Birthday Party" (Missing Link 1980)
05. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- king ink
alle v.A. "Prayers On Fire" (Missing Link 1981)

07. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- several sins
08. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- junkyard
beide v.A. "Junkyard" (Missing Link 1982)
09. THE BIRTHDAY PARTY- mutiny in heaven
von der 12" "Mutiny!" (Mute 1983)
10. LYDIA LUNCH- dead in the head
v.A. "Honeymoon In Red" (aufgenommen 1982, veröffentlicht 1987 auf Widowspeak)
11. R.S. HOWARD & LYDIA LUNCH- some velvet morning
v. 12" "Some Velvet Morning" (4AD 1983)

12. R.S. HOWARD & NIKKI SUDDEN- don´t explain
v. A. "Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc" (Creation 1987)
13. THESE IMMORTAL SOULS- marry me (Lie! Lie!)
v.A. "Get Lost (Don´t Lie)" (Mute 1987)
14. R.S. HOWARD & LYDIA LUNCH- incubator
v.A. "Shotgun Wedding" (Triple X Records 1991)
15. THESE IMMORTAL SOULS- insomnicide
v.A. "I´m never gonna die again" (Mute 1992)

16. R.S. HOWARD- autolumniscent
17. R.S. HOWARD- undone
beide v.A. "Teenage Snuff Film" (Reliant 1999)
18. R.S. HOWARD- (i know) a girl called Johnny
19. R.S. HOWARD- shut me down
beide v.A. "Pop Crimes" (Liberation Music 2009)

20. THE DRONES- shark fin blues
v.A. "Wait long by the river..." (ATP Recordings 2005)

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